How to Keep Your Loved One’s Memory Alive


Losing a loved one is never easy. However, just because we have lost them physically doesn’t mean that we should lose their memory, too. This article will show you ways to help keep the memory and legacy of our loved ones alive.

Engrave their name on a headstone

You can have the name of your deceased loved one engraved on a headstone or monument. There are professional craftsmen who do a perfect job of engraving on monuments and headstones in Salt Lake City. All you have to do is to give them the name of the deceased and the message you want engraved, then let them do their magic.

Create an annual celebration

Just for your loved one, create a day where friends and family can annually come together and celebrate their passing on. This is a popular way of making sure that your loved one is never forgotten. On that day, you can dress up in a specific way, prepare and eat their favorite meal, dance to their favorite music, and appreciate everything good about them.

Plant a tree in their memory

You can plant a tree in their memory just the same way people plant trees to honor the birth of a person. The tree can be in your compound or a public place such as a nearby park. Also, a memory bench can work the same way.

Turn a piece of their clothing into a teddy bear

To help kids keep good memories of their loved one, you can create a stuffed teddy bear out of a piece of their clothing. Every time they play with it, they remember them. You can do this, especially if the loved one was a parent or sibling. You can also transform the clothing into a throw cushion, shawl, or lap quilt. Frame a memory from their pictures. If you have photos of important events in their lives, you can have them framed. Example of such can be their wedding day, graduation day, the birth of their child. It can also be a photo from one of the vacations you had with them. It can be a photo of any significant event in their life, which you shared together.

Hold on to one of their accessories

You must have seen a man who proposes with his mom’s engagement ring, which was probably also passed down by someone else as a keepsake. A keepsake can also be a watch or necklace that they loved. You wear it to feel connected to them.

Frame their favorite garment

If your loved one had a favorite garment that you are not ready to let go off, then you can have it framed instead. If you have no clue on how to do it, you can get a professional framer to do it. Footballers and other sports people usually have their shirts framed as a way of remembering them.

It is all about creating a special way to keep your loved one’s memory and legacy alive. For inspiration, look at their lives and see what they loved most.