What Does Candlestick Analysis Mean in Trading?

What Does Candlestick Analysis Mean in Trading?

A candlestick chart comes in the form of rectangles with lines, which is very similar to candles visually. This method of displaying the direction of asset prices in Forex is much more informative than a standard line chart.

XSuperTrend Indicator

The xSupertrend candles indicator is represented as red and green candles on the price chart. It timely predicts the direction of the trend and the moment when the price will reverse in the opposite direction.

Experienced traders suggest using the strategy on the D1 timeframe to have more reliable signals. Enter a bullish trade when the candles turn green. When the candles turn red, enter a bearish trade.

Three Candles

When trading based on the 3 candle rule, watch the last three candles. The last candle looks larger than the two previous ones.

Buy deal

  • The pre-last candle should be directed downward after a strong rise of the trend (that is, to be bearish).
  • The price at the close of the last candlestick must be higher than the price of the previous one (bullish candle).


  • The pre-last candlestick goes up after a strong downward trend (that is, to be bullish).
  • The last candle closes at a price lower than the previous one (bear candle).

Spike Pattern

Your trade can be profitable thanks to the spike candle model.

The pattern can form at the end of a bullish or bearish trend, following powerful upward or downward impulses. The spike candlestick strategy is applied when the market volatility is high, thus being under time pressure. Decisions need to be made instantly; so, a novice trader needs to gain some experience in pattern recognition.

The human factor influences the “spike” uprise. Traders open massive trades after the impulse is generated, and they start to close orders after the candles decline. In addition, a spike is formed when a trader enters the market with a very large position volume. The main factor is still the influence of economic news or force majeure.


Common Commercial Air Conditioning Issues

Working in stuffy, humid conditions or dry conditions will make employees uncomfortable. They may not be able to focus on their work and do their tasks efficiently if they feel discomfort due to the temperature. Your air conditioner must be working correctly to ensure everyone’s comfort in the office. Being aware of the common problems in commercial air conditioning is one way to do this. If you know these issues, you can act quicker and get the help of professional companies such as Brighton air conditioning service before the problem turns worse.

Here are some of the common issues that you may encounter with your AC system.

Clogged drains

Moisture from cooled air goes to the drain line, which then travels to the pan and ends in the drain. However, if these components get full or become clogged, it would cause water to surge up to the system and break it. It may also cause water leaks that can damage various parts of the office like the ceiling and walls. Your furniture, appliances and other office equipment may also be affected by the leak.

Malfunctioning thermostat

The thermostat may be set or calibrated incorrectly; It may also be broken, which would cause it to malfunction. The thermostat may not detect the actual temperature, making it hard to achieve the right balance. It will also result in higher energy consumption, which will increase your electric bill.

Leaky ducts

Ducts run through the ceilings and walls of your office, where cooled air travel from the AC unit to the rooms or spaces. Damage or holes on these ducts would cause waste of cooled air, which in turn also adds up to increased power consumption. There are various causes for these damages like improper ductwork and rodent attack. The leaks are signs that your ducts have problems.

Faulty fan

An AC unit has two fans. One that brings cold air into the office and one that absorbs heat from indoors and ejects it outside. You will have issues with the airflow in your building if these fans stop working. If it is not resolved right away, it could end in compressor failure, which may require AC unit replacement. Some of the causes of faulty fans are worn belts, misaligned parts and faulty motor as a few examples.

Low refrigerant

Air conditioners use refrigerant to eliminate humidity and heat in the air. Leaks on the refrigerant lines will make it difficult for your AC to cool the air. A refrigerant replacement will not be enough in this case. You must fix the leak too because the issue will continue if you don’t resolve this.

Dirty condenser coils and filters

The condenser coil is part of the AC system, which is responsible for ejecting heat from indoors to the outside of the office. It will not effectively work if there is too much dirt. Dirty filters can restrict the proper flow of air. The system will need to work hard to deliver the cool air in the office, and it may cause overheating.

Regular maintenance can prevent these problems from happening. Also, make sure that you get immediate service on the first sign of AC issues.


How Automation Brings Change in Investment Banking Process

Automation improves the efficiency of managing deals in the investment banking sector. A buyer or seller consider investment banking firm that has automated its processes and tasks because they handle a large amount of data in the deal process.

As a result, the investment banking industries are trading technical skills to hire someone creative with data. The investment banking professionals might become client-read from the beginning as capturing the data and knowing what to do is important to manage deals.

Investment banks: Before Automation

Data collection and processing was a tedious job before automation and the duty falls on the shoulders of junior investment bankers.

Any investment banking professional would say the part of their job they hate most is of data collection and its processing. The process of data searching, pulling, cleaning, or fast-checking was laborious and time-intensive. These tasks become more serious in the middle market because of numerous potential buyers for a deal. It lacked transparency as compared to the large-cap market.

Benefits of Automation in Investment Banks

A few of the benefits of automation in investment banks are as highlighted below.

  • The manual process takes time, while automation reduces manual effort. Automation makes the processes error-free by removing the human element.
  • The chances of fraud are reduced. They store the historical data and customer details for extended periods and cross-reference is made easy eliminating fraudulence.
  • The investment bankers can report regulatory and legal requirements to the respective regulators in a better and easier way.

Investment banks: After Automation

The investment banking profession is resistant to automation because automation creates more opportunities than it replaces in the industry.

The junior investment banking professionals’ jobs are getting elevated and not mooted out. The expectations from the junior ranks are changing and rising. They are expected to crunch numbers and remove ambiguity. In addition, they are expected to have well-rounded skills, creative thoughts, and bring new ideas.

The human-centered capacity to employ judgment is critical to achieving client success. While many procedures in mergers, acquisitions, and other categories might get automated, the majority of the tasks still need an incisive mind.

Use cases: Automation in Investment Banking

Swiss Bank:

By 2019, Swiss bank automated 40% of customer requests that are transactional and enabled resolutions in minutes using integrated cognitive software. The software also detects failing trades from email conversations and thus prevent operational risk. The platform is now scaled up to a complete enterprise solution.

UK Bank:

The onboarding of new clients and funds was creating friction between the front and back office. The automation vendor looked into a series of middle mailboxes and was able to pinpoint the pain points and breaks in the onboarding journey of a new customer. The cognitive tools were able to point out the exact cause of the problem. The tracking and measuring of conversational flows resulted in deriving insights into risks, misunderstandings, and process inefficiencies that led to workflow changes.

Wrapping up

Most of the investment banks are figuring out ways to scale by using humans and technology. The automation in an investment bank is a profitable deal.

Be the next to seal the deal.


Factors to Maximise the Benefits of Taking Home Loan Jointly

Purchasing a residential property is a significant financial decision for a would-be homeowner. The exponential rise of property prices in India since the last decade has made it challenging for individuals to own their first property. Consequently, home seekers are opting for housing finance from financial institutions and NBFCs to fund the entire process of owning a residence.

The loan amount and the rate of interest on the housing loan of a borrower depend on several factors like tenor, availability of money (liquidity) in the market, inflation, eligibility, and monetary policies. This makes it imperative for a borrower to be careful while availing a housing loan to ensure that the credit does not turn out to be expensive. In this context, one can consider opting for a joint home loan. It helps a borrower to share his debt-burden and improve his/her eligibility to obtain a higher loan amount as the co-applicants income is also considered.

Here are some of the factors for maximizing the benefits of obtaining a home loan jointly –

Joint home loan tax benefits

From income tax perspectives, provisions for tax benefits on a joint home loan follows from the same for regular home loans. However, know that the tax benefits on a joint home loan on absolute terms are higher than that of a single housing loan. Here, both the co-applicants can claim tax deductions under both Sections 24(b) and 80C against the interest repaid and principal repaid depending on the ownership share.

A borrower can avail tax benefits on a housing loan of up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh under Section 80C and Rs. 2 Lakh under Section 24(b). But, if one avails a joint home loan, then both the co-applicants can claim these tax benefits separately. This brings their combined limit to Rs. 4 Lakh and Rs. 3 Lakh on Section 24(b) and 80C, respectively. It is therefore advised to mutually work out an ownership share, especially if the co-borrower has higher income bracket. Such co-application can help avail better terms on the loan.

Repayment process

The repayment process for joint home loans is convenient and straightforward. One can make payments from a single or a joint account through cheques or ECS. Co-applicants also enjoy the benefit of sharing the number of between them. Furthermore, if the co-applicant is a woman, expect a lower home loan interest rate. Besides, lenders provide you with the flexibility of repayment as long as you are paying EMIs in full and on time.

However, irrespective of advance cheques or ECS mandate – it is the responsibility of each borrower to repay the home loan. You can use your lender’s home loan EMI calculator to determine your installments beforehand before applying for a housing loan. If you are looking for a comprehensive home loan, look for lenders that provide flexible repayment facility. Apart from this benefit, they also offer easy balance transfer facility, top-up loans, and part-prepayment and foreclosure facility among numerous others.

However, use a home loan eligibility calculator to determine your eligibility before applying for a home loan.


Joint applicants are required to furnish these following documents –

  • KYC documents like identity and address proof
  • Income proof
  • Property documents

Here, you can take advantage of submitting the income proof of that co-applicant whose income is to be considered for joint home loan appraisal.

With this complete guide on the benefits of taking a joint home loan, you not only can acquire a more substantial loan deal but also bring down the overall cost of the loan. Besides, by sharing the responsibility in servicing the credit also brings down the overall burden of loan repayment.


Aspects of Coping with the Reality of Death

Death is inevitable. However, the way one dies remains a mystery to all. Will one be involved in a car accident? A plane crash? Is one going to drown in the middle of the sea? Or will one become a victim of a violent crime? Or rather a medical condition that will strip them of their good health and ability to enjoy life? No one knows. However, unlike sudden deaths, people who are suffering from terminal conditions are given more time to prepare for their own demise. Depending on how one looks at it, it can be a good thing or a bad one. If you are the kind of person who looks at it like it is an opportunity to buy some more time to be with your family while allowing you to choose a headstone in Bountiful for your tomb as well as prepare for your own funeral, then this article is for you.

No one will ever be prepared to face death, whether it is your loved one or our own. However, knowing what to expect can make a huge difference in how you will handle the situation when your time comes.

The emotional aspect of coping with the loss

There are five stages of grieving when a person comes to terms with his own impending death. First is denial. Being diagnosed with a terminal condition is not really a kind of news one would rejoice about, and so is the possibility of one’s death. Second is anger. You will question the higher forces, the universe, and the gods on why, of all people, it has to be you? There is an overwhelming feeling that life is unfair. But eventually, you will learn to bargain, which is the third stage. Doing something good or changing your life for the better will be put on the table if that means being able to live and extend your life. Once it becomes clear that the first three stages won’t be happening, one will surrender and enter the fourth stage, which is depression. However, after some time, acceptance, which is the last stage, will be experienced. Once a person has accepted the reality of his own death, proper preparation for that day can be done.

Practical preparations to take care of

There are a lot of logistics to take care of, and a lot of terminally ill people choose to take care of those arrangements by themselves while they are still able. These include planning and drafting a last will and testament, spending as much time as they can with their loved ones, and conveying their last wishes to their family and friends. Because no one knows how much time they have left on earth or how long their body will be able to fully function and cooperate, it is best to do these things as soon as possible. People who are able to fulfill their last wishes can go peacefully.

No one can be fully prepared for death. Still, accepting this inevitable fact, and knowing that you have fulfilled your purpose and wishes on earth can make it easier for you to leave.


How to Keep Your Loved One’s Memory Alive

Losing a loved one is never easy. However, just because we have lost them physically doesn’t mean that we should lose their memory, too. This article will show you ways to help keep the memory and legacy of our loved ones alive.

Engrave their name on a headstone

You can have the name of your deceased loved one engraved on a headstone or monument. There are professional craftsmen who do a perfect job of engraving on monuments and headstones in Salt Lake City. All you have to do is to give them the name of the deceased and the message you want engraved, then let them do their magic.

Create an annual celebration

Just for your loved one, create a day where friends and family can annually come together and celebrate their passing on. This is a popular way of making sure that your loved one is never forgotten. On that day, you can dress up in a specific way, prepare and eat their favorite meal, dance to their favorite music, and appreciate everything good about them.

Plant a tree in their memory

You can plant a tree in their memory just the same way people plant trees to honor the birth of a person. The tree can be in your compound or a public place such as a nearby park. Also, a memory bench can work the same way.

Turn a piece of their clothing into a teddy bear

To help kids keep good memories of their loved one, you can create a stuffed teddy bear out of a piece of their clothing. Every time they play with it, they remember them. You can do this, especially if the loved one was a parent or sibling. You can also transform the clothing into a throw cushion, shawl, or lap quilt. Frame a memory from their pictures. If you have photos of important events in their lives, you can have them framed. Example of such can be their wedding day, graduation day, the birth of their child. It can also be a photo from one of the vacations you had with them. It can be a photo of any significant event in their life, which you shared together.

Hold on to one of their accessories

You must have seen a man who proposes with his mom’s engagement ring, which was probably also passed down by someone else as a keepsake. A keepsake can also be a watch or necklace that they loved. You wear it to feel connected to them.

Frame their favorite garment

If your loved one had a favorite garment that you are not ready to let go off, then you can have it framed instead. If you have no clue on how to do it, you can get a professional framer to do it. Footballers and other sports people usually have their shirts framed as a way of remembering them.

It is all about creating a special way to keep your loved one’s memory and legacy alive. For inspiration, look at their lives and see what they loved most.


Why Investing in Diamonds is Better Than Investing in Any Other Precious Metal?

You live in a tough time where it is often hard for the average Jane or Joe to make ends meet. There are several reasons for the rising cost of living. Some of them are limited resources and other being the ever-increasing population. In such a situation, it is best that you make a smart move and start investing in Argyle pink diamonds.

Investing in diamonds is way better than putting your money on other securities like precious metals. Here are a few reasons that substantiate why you should invest in diamonds and not in other precious metals:

The price of diamonds rises with time

Investing in precious metals was once in trend but that seems to have fallen out of favour after people started to see that diamond prices witness steady appreciation with time where the prices of precious metals keep on fluctuating. If statistical data are even the least bit reliable then calculations show that diamond investments can give back more than 12% on an annual basis to an investor.

Diamonds are more portable than precious metals

In terms of aesthetics, both precious metals and diamonds score equally but in the case of portability, the latter scores more than the former. Investing in diamonds is one of the most sought after ways of concentrating one’s wealth.

Your investment will not be affected by volatile market conditions like inflation

The diamond sector is not dependent on the volatile conditions of the market nor it gets affected by the rise and fall of the financial sector. Whether the stock market has seen a sudden dip in points or the nation is witnessing the worst inflation in years, the price of your invested diamonds will remain unchanged. It will give you the exact returns as it should when you finally decide to sell it off on a rainy day.

No need for liquidation (literal sense) in case of diamonds

If you compare precious metals and diamonds, most of the time the former is bought by investors in the form of jewellery which needs to be liquefied before the same can be sold on a rainy day. Be advised that when jewellery made from precious metals is liquefied, it loses its overall value both in terms of aesthetics and craftsmanship. Both these cases bring down the overall value of your investment and you will not be able to get the returns you were hoping for. In the case of diamonds, none of these is applicable since one doesn’t need to liquidate their investment before the same changes hands

If you plan on making investments in precious jewellery as a permanent gig, it is best that you consider diamonds over other precious gems and metals. As per the insights put forth by industry leaders and regular investors, investing in diamonds is one of the best ways one can enjoy good returns, year after year. That being said, it is best that you get in touch with diamond investment experts before going ahead.


A Key to analyze how Investing in Bond Market Hong Kong is Beneficial

International investors want to achieve fixed-income securities should definitely search for corporate bonds, recognized as one of the safest investments. As the yield associated with most of the fixed income securities declined consistently after recession and financial crises during the last few years, rate of interest obtained from corporate bonds has proved to be appealing for investors.

Along with this, corporate bonds offered by various countries across the Asian region, especially Hong Kong corporate bonds have pool of unique benefits, as discussed in the article. However, before you should know about corporate bonds available in Hong Kong, it is essential for you to stay aware with the bond market prevailing in Hong Kong.

Key Aspects of the Bond Market in Hong Kong

  • Excellent Market Place for Both Investors and Issuers

Hong Kong has its liberal debt market, where international investors may easily make investments in their debt instruments. Because of this, bond market Hong Kong is a significant market place for both investors and issuers and in both foreign and domestic currencies.

  • A Frequented International Bond Market of Asia

Based on varieties of product offerings, open access for investors and issuers, along with consistent increase in importance of offshore-based RMB bond issuances, Hong Kong has become a frequented international type of bond market in Asia.

Benefits to Invest in Corporate Bonds in Hong Kong

Based on key aspects related to the bond market Hong Kong, we should say that investment in corporate bonds would give you following prime benefits-


Most of the corporate bonds involve in trading in the secondary market, because of which investors get opportunity to sell and buy such securities after companies or receptive authorities issue them. On doing this, investors get benefits related to selling of bonds, which increase in price or buying of bonds post declining in their prices.

A few of the corporate bonds undergo thin trade. In this situation, participants i.e. issuers and investors seeking to sell such securities should stay aware that innumerable numbers of variables may affect the transaction. These include the bonds credit rate, rate of interests and size of individual bonds’ positions.

Varieties of Corporate Bonds Available

You will find varieties of Hong Kong corporate bonds, which include the following-

  • Short-term corporate bonds, which have only 5years maturity or even less than that
  • Medium-term bonds, which mature between 5years and 12years
  • Long-term bonds with maturity exceeding 12years period

Provide You Different Coupon Structures

Along with maturity considerations, corporate bonds offer you variations in terms of coupon structures. Accordingly-

  • Bonds Possessing Zero-Coupon Rate

Bonds possessing zero-coupon rate fails to give any payment of interest. Instead, government agencies and other companies issue such bonds at certain percentage of discounts to their individual values.

  • Bonds Involving Fixed Coupon Rate

Bonds involving fixed coupon rate make payment of the same rate of interest until and unless they reach to the required maturity level and that too semiannual or annual basis.

To conclude, we should say that Hong Kong bond market is one of the best place to make money for international investors.


Tips to choose mutual funds

As an investor, you will certainly look for the best mutual funds available in the market. There are several mutual funds in the market to represent themselves as the best funds for the investors. You should take several smart decisions to pick the best one from several. There are certain factors to consider before selecting the mutual fund to make it work best for you in terms of investment and returns. Here are them for you.

Your goals are important

You are making the investment to make your future bright. Hence, your goals are important. This makes the process of how to choose mutual funds really easy. You should have a clear idea about the type of mutual find, the term of investment, expected return and more. This helps you a lot in selecting the right plan to make use of the investment amount in a better way. Never make a quick jump since there are risks associated with the investment. So make a good study and make a smart move in accordance with your goals.

Select the right category of mutual fund

Mutual funds come in various types with different duration and varied expected returns. Some of them include short term funds, income funds, ELSS funds, small cap funds, multi-cap funds, sector funds and more. The duration varies from 1 to 7 plus years. The expected return may vary from 7% to 20%. These vast options provide a perfect plan for everyone who enters the market in search of the best investment product. You can compare the return percentage and tenure provided by the leading mutual fund providers in the country to select the best one.

Select a comfortable method of investment

There are two important types of investment to select from in the country. You can prefer lump-sum investment where you have to pay a single amount for one time for an indefinite period. Another type is known as SIP or systematic investment plan. In this plan, a fixed amount of money is invested in the mutual fund during regular intervals. You can select any of the methods that you think better suit you.

Go through the rules

This is one of the most important factors you have to consider when selecting the mutual fund. Go through the policy statement and disclaimer to know about the underlying rules and the policies of the company in providing the mutual fund. This helps you know about the returns and risks in advance to be free from any of the bitter experiences in the later periods.

Get professional advice

This is another important tip to select the best mutual funds. Even though these funds are directly made available for the investors, it is a good move to get professional advice from the mutual fund experts. Make use of their services to select the best investment product in the market that assure expected return within the expected period for you. The most amazing thing is that that professional advice on how to choose mutual funds comes for free of cost from the reputed online platforms.


Why Cape Verde Attracts Tourists And Property Investors

Cape Verde is a country that many people struggle to find on a map because they do not know much about it. However, it is a fascinating place.

The country is an island off the coast of Africa. It attracts a steady stream of investors and tourist from the beginning of the year to the end.

Cape Verde is not just a place to go on holiday. When Cape Verde temperatures warm up property Investors they will give serious thoughts about purchasing a house and putting down some roots here.

Why does this country attract so many tourists and investors?

The Houses Are Very Easy To Keep Cool

Cape Verde is known for hot weather, so cooling off is essential. Investors do not have to spend lots of money on air-conditioning because there are lots of airy houses available. The fact that air-conditioning does not always have to be used will keep maintenance costs down.

The Sun Shines When Europe Is Cold And Grey

Tourists want to get away from the wind and the rain in Europe during the winter. Many tourists end up in Cape Verde because the weather is always perfect. Investors know this, and houses are occupied all year round.

Whether it is May or October, investors know that they are guaranteed a certain amount of money every single month because people come from all over the globe.

The Houses Remain In Good Condition Becomes Of The Stable Weather

Cape Verde has very stable weather, which keeps the houses in very good condition. The maintenance can be handled by the owners, or repairs can be handled by the complex where the house is located. Structural damage will not occur because trees do not get blown over and high winds do not blow the tiles off the roof.

Beachside Activities Keep The Tourists Entertained

The African island has miles of coastline that can be explored by eager tourists. Swimming, surfing and kitesurfing are just three of the activities that are on offer. The tourists are tired after a long day at the beach and they need to have a good sleep in some quality accommodation.

Property Owners Need To Make Sure The House Is Appealing To Tourists

Property investors will want a house that stands out from the crowd so that it appeals to the tourists for all the right reasons. Make sure that a large house has been purchased, and it needs to have comfortable furniture that people. The house will not require lots of air-conditioning when it has been designed to deflect the heat.

The property owners make sure that the tourists have a safe and clean house to stay in. When someone really enjoys staying in a particular, they often decide to come back again the year after. This means more money for the owner of the house.

Purchase a house that will be memorable to tourists for all the right reasons.