Car Accidents: Its Causes and Preventions

Car accidents are a common thing nowadays. Unfortunately, the majority of these road crashes are caused by human error. These horrific car crashes have taken many lives each year. If you drive in unsafe behavior, you are putting yourself and others at risk. Therefore, it is necessary to drive carefully and follow all traffic rules.

Below are some of the common car accidents and the ways to prevent them:

Distracted Driving

This is a large threat and the leading cause of car accidents in many places. Many distractions make driving dangerous. As a driver, you should pay attention while you are behind the wheel of your car. Do not use a cellphone, don’t read, or don’t groom or apply makeup when you’re driving.

Alcohol and Drugs

This is one of the most dangerous and deadly causes of accidents. If you have had a drink, don’t drive. Take a taxi or ask someone to drive for you. Never risk your life.

People under the influence of drugs, marijuana, and prescription pills and other illegal drugs cause horrible accidents. Never drive if you are under the influence of any drug, whether they are prescribed or not.


This is the second most common cause of accidents. It is tempting to push the speed limit especially if you are in a rush. However, it is not worth the risk. You will put all the lives on the highway at risk. Urge yourself to stay within the speed limit.

Reckless Driving

Acting aggressively on the road, taking speed to the limit, and changing lanes swiftly can lead to accidents. You should stay sensible and calm while driving to prevent unnecessary accidents caused by your carelessness.

Construction Sites

Some construction zone set up is confusing with poor road and traffic signs, and lack of warnings. For this, accidents are prone to happen. That’s why it is really important to get a good and trusted traffic management company for a safe, professional and effective service.

As a driver, follow the cones and be extra cautious of other drivers who may also be confused. So it is important to drive slowly in these areas.


The slippery road caused by rain can cause a road accident. However, you can’t avoid driving in heavy rain. But you can do precautionary actions to avoid an accident. You either drive slowly or pull over and wait until the heavy rain passes.

Wrong-Way Driving or Improper Turns

Be aware of the street signs warning. The one-way street signs and other irregularities most especially in the areas you are not familiar with can also cause road accidents.

Accidents happen when a driver doesn’t get in the proper lane to make a turn, use signals properly, or follow traffic signs. Be vigilant and take notice of the traffic signs, and use the correct lane when you make a turn.

Animal Crossing

Hitting a kangaroo or any animal is a danger. Slow down and take extra caution when you see an animal crossing sign. Also, use high beams when driving on a rural or any area where wild animals are frequent.


Construction Industry Fights Back Against Ongoing Crimewave

Crime Costs the Industry £800 million every year

Each year, the construction sector incurs significant losses through theft, vandalism and neglect. But steps are being taken to fight back.

Construction is one of the most important contributors to the UK economy, and is a sector that employs more than three million people. It is also, however, an industry that is haemorrhaging money every week as a result of criminal activity. The types of crime in construction typically fall into three broad categories. Let’s take a look at each to understand the challenges faced and the tools available to reduce the impact of construction crime.

Theft from construction sites

Theft is far and away the most common type of crime in the construction industry, and it comes in various forms. It is no exaggeration to say that almost every construction site is affected – an astonishing 92 percent of construction professionals said they have experienced theft at least once per year, while 21 percent say it happens every week.

Technology has an important role to play here, and construction site security systems are getting smarter and more effective with every passing week. Integrated surveillance systems can make a real difference in combatting the theft of plant and equipment by organised gangs, a problem that has escalated over the past decade.

However, as much as 50 percent of thefts are perpetrated by employees and contractors working on the site. Better control and logging of tools and materials is key to reducing these types of crime, and can also bring better efficiency in terms of resource management.


It might come as a surprise to hear that more than 90 percent of those interviewed in the above study said they have experienced vandalism on their construction sites. Whether it is part and parcel of the thefts or the act of mindless groups with nothing better to do, it can result in significant repair costs and periods of downtime that put projects behind schedule.

Again, technology is an important tool. The very presence of a CCTV camera is enough to deter many acts of mindless vandalism, while properly secured fencing and gates will also have a positive effect. The most powerful tool of all, though, is one that has been in use for hundreds of years. If a security guard is present, particularly one accompanied by a large dog, instances of vandalism are almost eliminated.

Health and safety breaches

Despite the UK’s exemplary health and safety record compared with other countries, construction remains the nation’s most dangerous industry. Health and safety breaches are any construction professional’s worst nightmare. Of course, the human cost is unquantifiable, and nobody wants to see anyone getting hurt. But there are also consequential costs in terms of the delays and potential fines resulting from a regulatory investigation.

Training and monitoring are the watchwords here. Most breaches are brought about by carelessness or poor controls, such as failure to secure a site against people wandering in, spills and trip hazards being left unaddressed and contractors taking short cuts or not bothering with the appropriate PPE.

As well as carrying out regular training activities, site management can use security technology to monitor what is happening from day to day and ensure all health and safety procedures are followed to the letter.


Going shopping? Leave your wallet at home

A superb payment app like myAirtel is all the money you need when you’re out and about – so leave your wallet or purse at home and get shopping!

Till a decade ago, if you watched a sci-fi flick in which entire landscapes changed at the press of a button, or cars drove on metal roads without a driver, you might have thought, “This happens only in movies!” But driverless cars are a reality today, as are several phenomena such as using your phone to make payments.

Digital payments have become a reality of our times. After the demonetisation programme of November 2016, many people switched to making online payments and shopping online to save cash. Today, users have realised the utility of payment apps not just to transfer money and shop, but also to pay bills, book tickets and plan their finances in a structured way.

In fact, payment apps are so versatile that the next time you head out the door, you can leave your bag and wallet behind – just take your smartphone along!

Pay using myAirtel app

The mobile payment universe is a complex, many-layered entity that encompasses a host of e-money functionalities. Payment app form an integral part of this ecosystem.

They can be used to transfer money instantly to online merchants with compatible payment terminals, or to friends when splitting food and other bills, or even paying bills online. The app stores your account information/credit or debit card information on a secure interface for use whenever needed. Meanwhile, there is no need to use cash if you have a good payment app like the myAirtel app loaded on your smartphone.

Here’s how (and why) you should use the myAirtel app for faster, more effective money management online:

For shopping. The myAirtel app gives fabulous discounts and rewards on shopping using its interface. You can load money into the Airtel Payments Bank before you start shopping. You don’t need to dispense with cash or even carry your cards – just pay using the app and you’re golden.

For everyday payments. Are you eating out with a group but have forgotten your wallet at home, or don’t have the change to pay your share of the bill? Or did a friend pay for you when you wanted to buy a new dress and now you need to pay them back? There’s no need to pay by card or cash – just open the myAirtel app and pay your share of the money instantly to your friend.

For open-loop transactions. Some retailers, like stores or coffee shops, offer incentives on using only their apps for settling their bills. But intuitive payment apps like myAirtel app offer an open loop system, where you can pay non-Airtel bills also and get rewards, cash back and discounts on most transactions.

For savings. The myAirtel app also offers the stupendous Airtel Payments Bank, which functions like a savings bank account using your 10-digit Airtel phone number as the account number. It offers the chance to make savings and earn interest on it, as also keep track of your finances and manage your expenses in a more efficient manner.

For all OS: myAirtel payment app works well on both Android and iOS (i.e. Android and Apple-powered devices) in a seamless manner.


Get a Secure Life in London

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Latest Technology

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All bodyguards are not of the same type, as they do not just provide the security but they also have to manage the security plan for you, with instant actions. So, different bodyguards are available at your service for different purposes. And due to all of these events that their bodyguards have attended now, they are well aware of the situations in London, and now they are ready to be at your service. So if you want the best security for yourself then you must consult 1 Site Security.


Your Business Will Only Benefit from CCTV

One of the most cost-effective options in regards to security for your business is the use of CCTV systems put in place throughout the property, especially in areas of high traffic and a higher likelihood of theft or crime. There are companies available throughout the year that take such security as a serious issue and will perform surveying, installation, and training so that you and your employees feel comfortable using the system to keep your business protected. Not only is installation fairly simple and quick but the peace of mind when you know that no one will enter your property without permission without getting caught directly on camera will quickly return the investment.

Cost and Risk

A security company in Leeds is the type of professional service that you need to reduce cost and risk over time and CCTV security systems are a valuable and highly functional tool designed to keep your interests protected. At any given time of the day or night, you have access to real-time recordings of all actions taken inside or directly outside your property and you can even set it up so that you may access the cameras using a remote system. From the moment of their installation, your business will enjoy a much reduced risk of fire, burglary, vandalism, and many more serious issues that may occur when there are no human witnesses to see them happen.

Crime Prevention

For the most part, potential thieves will move onto an entirely different target if they suspect that their actions are caught on camera; in fact, criminals are far more likely to target businesses that do not have clear security systems in place. The existence of CCTV cameras on your property is thus already a great investment and one reason why you should see a marked reduction in crime at your establishment; however, this is not always enough on its own. When cameras are not enough to stop criminals from carrying out their crimes, the footage that they record will help you to identify and prosecute these criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

Avoid Lawsuits

Although the Australian continent is not famous for frivolous lawsuits, as is the United States, these are certainly an issue that you may still face as a company on any given day of the year. There will always be those who seek to defraud your business insurance out of thousands or even millions but CCTV systems put in place properly will reduce this risk dramatically by capturing everything. It is exceptionally difficult for a person to get away with claiming a false injury if you catch him or her on camera purposefully pouring a product on the floor.


Many business insurance providers offer certain discounts if it is found that your business is less likely to suffer from a break-in or burglary due to the presence of CCTV systems. Such a system may be all you need to save hundreds each year in insurance premiums, often enough on its own right to help you cover the cost of installing the CCTV system.