Going shopping? Leave your wallet at home


A superb payment app like myAirtel is all the money you need when you’re out and about – so leave your wallet or purse at home and get shopping!

Till a decade ago, if you watched a sci-fi flick in which entire landscapes changed at the press of a button, or cars drove on metal roads without a driver, you might have thought, “This happens only in movies!” But driverless cars are a reality today, as are several phenomena such as using your phone to make payments.

Digital payments have become a reality of our times. After the demonetisation programme of November 2016, many people switched to making online payments and shopping online to save cash. Today, users have realised the utility of payment apps not just to transfer money and shop, but also to pay bills, book tickets and plan their finances in a structured way.

In fact, payment apps are so versatile that the next time you head out the door, you can leave your bag and wallet behind – just take your smartphone along!

Pay using myAirtel app

The mobile payment universe is a complex, many-layered entity that encompasses a host of e-money functionalities. Payment app form an integral part of this ecosystem.

They can be used to transfer money instantly to online merchants with compatible payment terminals, or to friends when splitting food and other bills, or even paying bills online. The app stores your account information/credit or debit card information on a secure interface for use whenever needed. Meanwhile, there is no need to use cash if you have a good payment app like the myAirtel app loaded on your smartphone.

Here’s how (and why) you should use the myAirtel app for faster, more effective money management online:

For shopping. The myAirtel app gives fabulous discounts and rewards on shopping using its interface. You can load money into the Airtel Payments Bank before you start shopping. You don’t need to dispense with cash or even carry your cards – just pay using the app and you’re golden.

For everyday payments. Are you eating out with a group but have forgotten your wallet at home, or don’t have the change to pay your share of the bill? Or did a friend pay for you when you wanted to buy a new dress and now you need to pay them back? There’s no need to pay by card or cash – just open the myAirtel app and pay your share of the money instantly to your friend.

For open-loop transactions. Some retailers, like stores or coffee shops, offer incentives on using only their apps for settling their bills. But intuitive payment apps like myAirtel app offer an open loop system, where you can pay non-Airtel bills also and get rewards, cash back and discounts on most transactions.

For savings. The myAirtel app also offers the stupendous Airtel Payments Bank, which functions like a savings bank account using your 10-digit Airtel phone number as the account number. It offers the chance to make savings and earn interest on it, as also keep track of your finances and manage your expenses in a more efficient manner.

For all OS: myAirtel payment app works well on both Android and iOS (i.e. Android and Apple-powered devices) in a seamless manner.