Why Investing in Diamonds is Better Than Investing in Any Other Precious Metal?


You live in a tough time where it is often hard for the average Jane or Joe to make ends meet. There are several reasons for the rising cost of living. Some of them are limited resources and other being the ever-increasing population. In such a situation, it is best that you make a smart move and start investing in Argyle pink diamonds.

Investing in diamonds is way better than putting your money on other securities like precious metals. Here are a few reasons that substantiate why you should invest in diamonds and not in other precious metals:

The price of diamonds rises with time

Investing in precious metals was once in trend but that seems to have fallen out of favour after people started to see that diamond prices witness steady appreciation with time where the prices of precious metals keep on fluctuating. If statistical data are even the least bit reliable then calculations show that diamond investments can give back more than 12% on an annual basis to an investor.

Diamonds are more portable than precious metals

In terms of aesthetics, both precious metals and diamonds score equally but in the case of portability, the latter scores more than the former. Investing in diamonds is one of the most sought after ways of concentrating one’s wealth.

Your investment will not be affected by volatile market conditions like inflation

The diamond sector is not dependent on the volatile conditions of the market nor it gets affected by the rise and fall of the financial sector. Whether the stock market has seen a sudden dip in points or the nation is witnessing the worst inflation in years, the price of your invested diamonds will remain unchanged. It will give you the exact returns as it should when you finally decide to sell it off on a rainy day.

No need for liquidation (literal sense) in case of diamonds

If you compare precious metals and diamonds, most of the time the former is bought by investors in the form of jewellery which needs to be liquefied before the same can be sold on a rainy day. Be advised that when jewellery made from precious metals is liquefied, it loses its overall value both in terms of aesthetics and craftsmanship. Both these cases bring down the overall value of your investment and you will not be able to get the returns you were hoping for. In the case of diamonds, none of these is applicable since one doesn’t need to liquidate their investment before the same changes hands

If you plan on making investments in precious jewellery as a permanent gig, it is best that you consider diamonds over other precious gems and metals. As per the insights put forth by industry leaders and regular investors, investing in diamonds is one of the best ways one can enjoy good returns, year after year. That being said, it is best that you get in touch with diamond investment experts before going ahead.