Hyundai Tucson – The next blockbuster from Hyundai?


Hyundai cars in India have always been a symbol of value worthy and superior built quality cars. The company has been in the turf for many years and has won the hearts of the customers all across the country. Right from the quality of the cars to the maintenance and the servicing, the Korean giant has known how to cater to the needs of the customers in the country. Amongst all the cars that the company has to offer, the Hyundai Tucson has been one of the most eyed cars that are to be launched in the latter half of 2019. It is because of the features and the popularity of this car in many other countries, that it is awaited in India too.

blockbuster from Hyundai


The engine of this car happens to powerful and efficient. The all-new Hyundai Tucson shall be available in petrol as well as, diesel fuel variants. The engine of this car comes in two engine capacities of 1995 cc for diesel and 1999 cc for petrol. Both of these engines come in a 6-speed manual and automated-manual transmission.



The design of this car makes this car one of the most awaited cars. The car in some places, resembles its sibling, Hyundai Creta.

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The front of the car signifies power and is quite chiseled and muscular at the same time. The grille is a striped grille with a chrome finish and has the logo of the company in the center of the grille. The headlamps are standard LED headlamps that are similar to a few other cars by the company. The wheels are alloy plated wheels with a 5-pattern design that makes the wheels appealing to see, plus, the alloy factor adds strength and reduces the overall weight of the wheels.


The interior of the car gives the inside of the car a premium feel with a truckload of features to choose from. The interior of the car is in dual tone shades of beige and black. These interiors do have a leather finish to give it a plush look. The cabin is quite spacious and has ample room for shoulder, leg, and head. There is an infotainment system right in the middle of the dashboard, it is a smart and a touchscreen infotainment system. There are standard AC vents that are placed right under the infotainment system.


The car has decent and precisely above-average power. The engine happens to be a quite powerful one and much more powerful than its predecessors, the car produces a horsepower of 136 bhp and torque of 300 NM with a 2.0 L engine. The car attains a speed of 100 from 0 km/h in merely 8.4 seconds. The mileage of the car varies from 12 to 15 km/l depending on the variant and the usage.


Hyundai Tucson Price ranges from 17 to 29 lacs depending on the variant and model. The car comes in the shade of white, black, silver, and dark grey. Hyundai also offers a December Delight offer wherein the company offers many benefits, cashback offers, and easy EMI options for the payment of the car.