10 office cleaning tips that will save you time, money, and absenteeism


As a small business owner, cleaning has never been so important. Keeping your office clean and fresh will not only give off the right first impression to clients and staff but ensure that you are remaining compliant and reduce the spread of illness. Below, we’ve put together ten tips to give you a headstart – let us know what you think and check back soon for more…


If you don’t have the time to worry bout office cleaning in-house, it may be wise to outsource the responsibility to a company that offers facilities management services. Not only will this guarantee a daily clean, but it means that your team won’t be tied up at the end of the day.

Stay organized

If you’re seeing paperwork piled up on every desk, it’s time to have a chat with your team and get them to organize their workload. Invest in a proper filing system and take as much of your workload online as possible – the cloud is better than needlessly wasting endless paper.

Don’t forget the bathrooms

It’s not just the office floor that needs attention – disinfecting your bathrooms should also be a high priority. Give them the once over two or three times a day, and make sure that staff tidy up after themselves. A clean bathroom means healthy employees, which will reduce sickness and the spread of common conditions such as colds, flu, and indeed COVID-19.

Clean the desks

Office desks are amongst the dirtiest things in your office, so make sure that they are cleaned two or three times a week with a strong disinfectant. Make sure that staff is keeping their spaces tidy and organized, too; no clutter, no paperwork, and no wrappers!

Say no to food

Don’t let your staff eat at their desks. Not only is it bad for their work/life balance, but it leads to crumbs cluttering up keyboards and greasy paws all over mice. Make sure staff eat their lunch in the kitchen or ask them to go out for lunch – a leg-stretch will do them good anyway!

Get rid of the rubbish

Make sure that bins and recycling containers are cleaned every day, and located in easy to find areas of your office. Hidden bins are likely to be missed by your staff or cleaners, which can lead to a build-up of odors and bad bacteria. Never let the rubbish pile-up – bin it fast!

Get your staff involved

Even if you are lucky enough to afford a cleaner, you should ensure that your staff takes personal responsibility in cleaning and maintaining your premises. Let them tidy up their workspaces, don’t let them leave dishes in the sink, and call them out if they’re untidy.

Focus on the kitchen

One area of the office that’s commonly overlooked is the kitchen, but it’s where you’re most likely to pick up an infection when you’re preparing food. Wipe down surfaces between use and make sure that food isn’t left stored in the fridge for days or weeks on end. Labeling is a good way to ensure that “mystery food” doesn’t sit and fester; or instead, bin it after 2 days.

Hire a window cleaner

The chances are that you have dozens of windows in your office, letting in natural light and fresh air. Make sure that you’re cleaning them regularly – and use a window cleaner rather than trying to do it yourself in-house. Not only is it much cheaper, but it ensures a good job.

Wipe down keyboards

Make sure that keyboards and mice are regularly cleaned and wiped down. Not only are they used for hours on end every day, but they’re rarely replaced when a new member of staff inherits old technology. Use a gentle spray and a duster, plug your keyboard, and use cotton buds if you need to get in between each key. If all else fails, consider replacing your keyboards every 2 or 3 years – they’re inexpensive and the old ones can even be recycled.

Do you have any cleaning tips? Let us know and check back soon for some more.