5 Ways for Reaching Customers Outside of Your Market

Customers Outside of Your Market

As the world of business becomes more and more intertwined, your goal as a business owner should be to reach as many people as possible. While its good to develop an incredible product that may fit a niche need, it becomes your job to convince other markets to buy what you’re selling. This may require you to think outside of the box with your marketing strategies. Let’s unpack just a few ways to reach customers outside of your specific market.

  1. Research Their Needs

If you’ve developed a business, chances are you are an expert in that specific area. While that is vital to producing a good product, to branch out, you’ll have to start researching other markets. For example, let’s say you work in finance and have developed a software program to organize spreadsheets for an accountant’s office.

That same software may be useful for a doctor’s office as well, but you’ll have to navigate the best way that software can serve their specific needs. Rather than finances and numbers, you may have to adjust the system to deal with nurse’s schedules and diagnoses. To sell your ideas and expertise to a new market, you have to understand and research their needs. You’re there to serve the customer, however they need.

  1. Expand Your Online Contact Options

It’s no secret that communication is key when it comes to operating a business. You need to be able to clearly and confidently answer questions from clients. With a growing business, you may want to consider bringing in services designed for creating a powerful cloud call center. The Oracle call center from Bright Pattern is a great way to connect with your clients across a wide range of platforms. As a leader in OmniChannel technology and software, this company connects all of your contact media. Chat, calls, emails, etc. are all easily accessible in one location so nothing slips through the cracks.

Your call center can do so much more with new artificial intelligence technology. Make your business more relatable with bots that can actually interact with guests or keep all of your information secure in one place within the cloud. The new advances with the oracle service cloud are impressive, so be sure you’re expanding and taking advantage of these new technologies and software to reach more people.

  1. Host Events

Customers look for businesses and products they can trust. One way to prove you’re worthy of that trust is to actually meet with clients. If you’re trying to reach a new market, consider hosting a specific event to reach out to those customers. Maybe a business fair or a nice dinner, whatever fits your business. No one will speak to your product in the same way as you. By hosting an event and steering the conversation, you get to provide the relevant information to new clients and prove how helpful your product can be for their environment.

  1. Accessibility

Once you meet the people, keep your business accessible to them. Beyond the oracle support knowledge base listed above, there are plenty of ways to make yourself present and available to future clients. To start, you need to guarantee your email address and phone number are in the public records.

Also, be sure to include contact information on social media. If an average client is looking through search results to find a person free, you want to be easy to find. It may feel like you’re throwing yourself out into the world, but the more you get your name out there, the more new customers will take notice.

  1. Partnerships

Another way to reach new markets may be to partner with leaders in that field. If you can associate yourself with another respected company or positive reviews, you’ll benefit from that established positivity. Think of the earlier example of an accountant trying to market her software to a doctor’s office. If that product is supported or sponsored by a larger hospital chain or insurance company, people will be more likely to trust it.

These kinds of partnerships can be as basic as a collaboration on social media or as sweeping as a nationwide ad campaign. Whatever your company is ready for, partnerships may help you reach new markets.