All About Akoya Pearls – What Makes Them So Popular And Top Selling Pearl Type?


Akoya pearls has been treasured and worn by human race for centuries. Today, they are the most popular saltwater pearl that is being worn across the world. Let us explore more about them in the following sections.

Basics on Akoya pearls

Akoya pearl is basically saltwater cultured pearl originating from akoya oyster. Akoyas are abundant and that is the main reason why they are used for pearl jewellery especially for necklaces and pearl ring. These pearls are in perfect round shapes and have mirror like lustre as well as neutral colours. Therefore, they are favoured by most of the consumers and retailers as classic pearl choice.

What are the sizes, colours, and shapes are they available in?

Akoya oyster is smallest pearl producing oyster. An average of the akoya pearl comes in 7 mm of size while a south sea pearl comes in 12 mm size range. These pearls are being harvested in sizes ranging from 1mm to 10-11 mm.

If they aren’t colour treated, they have neutral colours as well as overtones. Most of the pearls white with green, pink, silver, or grey overtones. Akoya pearls are not naturally black, but they have undergone treatment with organic dye.

Comparing them with other kinds of pearls

Akoya pearls rarely generate over two pearls in a harvest. The oysters are basically nucleated with bead that is composed of tiny piece of the mantle tissue and mother of pearl. This bead is nucleus of pearl and that is the main reason why they are perfectly round. This shape, when combined with high lustre which is found on high quality pearls, gives akoya higher perceived value.

How rare are they?

While it is true that Akoya pearl is believed to be more valuable and rare than freshwater pearl, it is just third most precious commercially produced pearls that fall behind the Tahitians and South Sea.

So, the next time you want to gift your loved one something special or want to look stunning with a unique piece of jewellery, go for the one made only from Akoya pearls. They add sophisticated to every look!