Discover what to study in Construction Estimator course:

Construction Estimator course

Building an estimator ensures that buildings comply with current construction regulations and local planning requirements. The job consists of monitoring construction plans and visiting construction sites to ensure compliance with construction regulations.

If you want to start your own business or if you are interested to complete the diploma, you should join the construction estimator course.

Work activities:

In the construction estimator course, you will learn how to review construction plans and inspect construction sites in progress to ensure they are in compliance with building regulations.

Before construction work on a new building, or extensions or modifications to other buildings can begin, the plan must check the plans and may suggest modifications before approving them.

The building inspector can be part of the design team and must collaborate with architects, builders, surveying engineers, and solicitors.

After construction work begins, the site inspector inspects the site during its various stages of construction to ensure that the buildings are safe, weather-resistant, and suitable as homes or offices. They can check drainage systems, take samples of materials, and evaluate the adequacy of construction methods.

If the construction regulations are not followed, the works inspector can enforce the law as a last resort and legally report the person in charge of the work or service, by means of a legal notice. So, the works are completed in accordance with the regulations.

In certain cases, the building estimator may order the demolition of an unsafe or unauthorized building. If a builder appeals the decision, or if a case is brought against a particular person, the building inspector can ask them to prepare their case and go to court to testify.

Most of the building estimator’s job involves conducting on-site inspections to make sure building standards are being met, which can include things like:

– Check that the buildings will have access for the disabled.

– Check that the buildings have means of evacuation in case of fire.

– Ensuring that buildings are constructed with mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions.

Also, you will learn in Construction Estimator Course, you will also learn how to work as a team under the direction of a boss. In some of the larger local authorities, some teams specialize in either office or on-site work, although building inspectors almost always combine both tasks.

To do this work correctly you need:

– Communication skills, to speak with different types of people.

– Knowledge of building regulations and a good understanding of the technical aspects of construction.

– Problem-solving skills.

– Understand the importance of health and safety standards within the construction industry.

You also need:

– Organization skills and planning skills.

– Teamwork skills.

– ICT skills.

– A driving license, to be able to travel to the works.

Discover what to study to be a Construction Estimator:

– Competencies

– Report writing skills.

– Well organized.

– Ability to manage workload.

– Capacity for teamwork.

– Able to combine several tasks.

– Able to express ideas clearly.

– Able to identify problems.

– Capable of getting results.

– Able to review jobs.

– Able to follow regulations on health and safety.

– Able to take initiative.

– Able to work both alone and in a team.