How A CAL Can Make You A Better Leader

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Agile is one of the most followed concepts in the field of software today. Most software development companies have adopted Agile in some form or other, owing to the many benefits on returns that it has. This means that companies are always on the lookout for capable Agile practitioners, and getting a certification in the right path of it can definitely help you achieve greatness in your career.

What is Certified Agile Leadership?

No Agile system is complete without a leader. The leader acts both as the client and the development team depending on the situation, and has the best interest of the product at heart. This means that he is also held accountable for the final end product.

Certified Agile Leadership refers to being an Agile leader, rather than just a leader – Agile leaders can guide all around them at the workplace to implement the Agile principles, even in fluctuating, rapidly changing dynamic workplaces.

Certified Agile Leadership is not technical at all – it is a highly nuanced course and a lot depends on your trainer, too. The trainer is afforded a lot of flexibility to shape the course as he desires, so you must choose a great trainer to get value out of it.

What are the benefits of Agile?

Agile can be extremely transparent to all the parties involved in it. This means that you can simply bring your concerns up in one of the many review sessions which are open to all the stakeholders, and gauge the progress of the product from those review sessions.

There is a focus on the concepts of Just in Time in Agile, which means that all the processes associated with it are relevant and quicker – be its elaboration of the requirements, testing or delivery.

Sprint retrospectives help both the scrum team and the clients to reflect on what went wrong during the sprint and thus develop better alternatives to that in the next sprint. There is a lot of transparency, in the case of Agile.

The release of the market beta product can be useful in understanding feedback from the crowd, too. End users get to share their experience with the leader, and the product can thus be improved based on their perspective. Therefore, the final product will definitely be one that clients would want to use.

What is CAL Training?

CAL Course is held over two days and is designed to impart Agile leadership principles on the future leaders part of the course. This will help them be at the centre of the transition of their organizations into Agile methodologies.

The course will usually be taught only by experienced people in the industry since there is a lot of freedom granted to the trainer to fine tune the course. You understand why Agile became so highly sought after from some of the best in the business.

The student is sure to understand why Agile is so popular, with the use of many hands-on experiences. The various Agile approaches to change can also be learnt, and there is an understanding of how Agile works in an organization.