How To Furnish Your Office According To Social Distancing


As we are becoming habituated with this phase of new normal we are learning to prioritize social distancing more. In this critical situation when the number of COVID cases is increasing you need to modify the whole setting of your office so that you can ensure your own and your employees’ safety. Social distancing is the key to staying away from getting infected by COVID 19 and this is why you should rearrange your office furniture or modify the office furniture Essex setup to assure social distancing in your office. There are different effective ways that will promote social distancing in your office, such as

Remove soft seating tools

Soft seating promotes more collaboration that you should strictly avoid nowadays. This soft seating method makes the entire employees seat together closely and also these soft seating tools are very hard to move. This seating furniture is not flexible enough to be placed anywhere anytime. In such cases eliminating such furniture from your office will be a wise decision.

Arrange one-to-one desk

As we all know the situation is becoming tough day by day so we need to plan something more effective. No matter if it costs you more but ensuring your workers’ safety should be your primary concern nowadays. This is why arranging one-to-one desk furniture that will provide enough space between the workers while they work would be ideal. This is a way that really you can count on.

Buy furniture that can be moved

There are seating tools like computer chairs highly available in the market that have wheels and can be moved anywhere you wish. If you don’t have such furniture in your office much this is the high-time when you should be refinishing your office with such furniture. Through this chair your employees can seat far away from each other and can keep the common protocols of social distancing.

Refurnish your office if needed

If you observe any threat or any COVID cases have been reported in your office it would be highly advised that you must think about refurbishing your office. Eliminate all the used furniture and buy some new furniture that can be sanitized every day without being damaged.

All these are primary and easiest ways to furnish your office to promote social distancing. Try to maintain the separate desk according to the distance of 5 feet. Arranging desks by maintaining such distance will help your environment to remain safe in the era of New normal.