Important Marketing Mistakes a Pearls Jewelry Store Must Avoid


Marketing is a very important task that needs to be performed by every businessman to make more customers and improve chances of its sale. Some retailers due to their ignorance tend to commit mistakes while marketing their pearls jewelry. Learning about them will help you prevent these mistakes and make the most out of your marketing efforts.

Failing to understand the factors that differentiate a personal page from a business page

Most of the business owners have seen to make the most important mistake of using their personal Facebook profile page for promotion of their business website instead of their business page. It is against the rules of Facebook. If Facebook admin figures out that you have been marketing your business via your personal page, then they can even stop your services too.

Failing to target social media to your right fans

It has been seen that a lot of businesses announce about their special events, trunk shows, and other focused initiatives without paying attention to their fans. When people get invitations for the events that they can’t attend, then they run the danger of having view the correspondence as an unwanted mail or spam.

Not deciding how much to invest in your social media marketing campaign

It is important to set aside adequate finance and money to your social media campaign. This starts with allocating budget and time for your efforts. Simply dropping the required work on the shoulders of the staff without acknowledging the desired time commitment leads to inconsistency in the message you present.

Continuously hard selling your services

Hard selling is one of the major things that drive people away. So, it must be avoided at all costs. Be light hearted and easy at the time of explaining your products and services of your pearl jewelry business. Don’t push your opinion on customers.

Let them decide what they wish to buy. Leave it to them and they will appreciate the confidence in your products and services and the freedom that you give them to form the decision.


These are some of the biggest marketing mistakes that retailers make at the time of integrating conventional and new social media strategies. By addressing these mistakes, you can make your marketing efforts a grand success.