Latest Technological Advancements You Will Find In ATM Machines


Everything started in 1939 when the self-service bank system entered the public. It had the name Bankograph, and Luther George Simjian invented it.

It worked entirely different from today’s automated teller machines because they accepted deposits in the form of coins, cash, and checks. The only place people could use these devices was at City Bank of New York, and due to the Great Depression, the bank removed it.

The main reason for that is that people did not trust robots during the worst economic situation in the USA.

However, in 1967 everything changed, because Barclays Bank introduced cash-dispensing ATMs that revolutionized the banking system and created a new industry altogether.

Today, you can find numerous machines across the world, and according to statistics, approximately three million of them exist worldwide.

The facts are that you can find the machine at the Himalayas mountaintop as well as McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Nowadays, these machines are entirely different from the first ones, mainly since they use technological advancements that allow us to handle automated financial transactions.

This particular situation was science fiction fifty years ago, which is why you should know about the latest advancements in the world of ATMs.

Back in the day, we used gold as the form of currency. Even though today’s currency includes paper bills, gold is still an effective way to invest in a hedge against economic collapse.

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The first and only machine that dispensed gold was in Dubai; however, in the last few years, both the Middle East and Europe created the machines that are capable of dispensing gold bars and coins.

Today, you can find numerous of them available in Florida, which are known as the gold to go machines.

The idea is that you can quickly check the current gold prices, create the proper exchange rate that changes every few minutes, and purchase the gold as a way to protect yourself.

  • Control Button for Withdrawal

Another recent advancement that entered the market includes the button that allows customers to create a monthly target for the withdrawals.

It is a great way to set the limit so that each time you make a withdrawal, you will be able to determine how close you are to the overall number you implemented beforehand.

In case you exceed the targeted amount, you will be able to withdraw funds, but the system is excellent because you can track your money without writing down and keeping the paper receipts. You will also be able to set the tracking for all year long, so that you can determine how much money you took in the last year, as well as how great provision you paid for it.

  • Smart Deposits

Keep in mind that the recent innovation in this particular industry includes a smart deposit system, in which you do not require a pen or envelope for the overall process.

Instead of doing it, you will be able to place bills or checks inside the machine without adding the envelope.

This particular solution entered as the part of Bank of America’s ad campaigns that introduced new options to the public, especially since the various banks ordered this advancement.

The demand for an intelligent deposit system has created a significant profit for the manufacturer, so you will get a practical solution that will revolutionize automatic teller machines.

  • Recycled Cash

The great innovation that we have to mention is the ability to deposit cash inside without placing the envelope, which is the perfect addition that will prevent the hassle of waiting too long with a large amount of money on the street.

However, these systems started implementing the processes for recycling the cash and using the one you placed inside for dispensing purposes. That way, the overall efficiency and security of the machines will increase and reduce the costs of operation and implementation.

They are highly popular among banks in Russia and China. The main reason for this is that ATMs do not have to call the armoured truck deliveries often as beforehand. Apart from that, the overall efficiency also increased, which created new options for every single person.