The Paper Making and the Writings


Content writers are usually not used to having a ‘passenger’ judge it before it is published. The task of the passenger was to assess it and give an opinion about it so that the route could possibly be better adapted to his wishes. Do the same with your content. Present it to a potential reader / customer and ask if they want to take a critical look at it. Be open to ‘negative’ criticism, do not defend yourself, but adjust the ‘route’ to the wishes of the customer.

As an author you initially only have one thing to do besides writing your book: attracting potential readers. To attract readers, they must know that you are there. Otherwise they cannot commit to you. Ensuring that you become visible is therefore a first step. And you do that by building your authoring platform.

What exactly is that, an authoring platform?

An author platform is a collection of offline and online places that give you visibility as an author. This visibility increases your market value as an author. In addition, you create the possibility for yourself to gain direct access to your readership. Your platform can be a TV show, a column, a newsletter, a guest blog, an e-zine, a lecture in the library, at an interest group, the sports club or an entrepreneurial network. In short, all activities with which you make yourself visible to your audience every time. You can visit for the smart paper making and researches.

So is one of the most important things is becoming visible. And that is possible online and offline. The most effective way is to choose your platforms in both places and not only online (because you are an introvert) or only offline (because you are an extrovert).

Build your authoring platform step by step

  • This is why large publishers like to work with famous writers: bn’ers already have a platform.
  • The more visibility you can create, the easier it is to attract new readers and get an audience for your newest book presentation. The larger your platform, the more books you ultimately sell.

Overnight success takes time

Instant success does not exist. Building your own authoring platform takes time and energy. For some people instant success may be put in place and chance helps them, but for most authors bestseller luck is a result of commitment, perseverance and belief in what they do. Coincidence or happiness does not play a role here.

Where to start

  • It can seem like a big job. If you mirror celebrities, there seems to be no beginning. So don’t. Your starting point is where you currently stand and what is within your reach.
  • The first step you can take to build your authoring platform is to determine to which platforms you have the easiest access.
  • Choose the platform with the largest reach from that list (how many followers does someone have, how large is the regional function of library A and library B, how many visitors arrive on entrepreneur network A and entrepreneur network B).

Take action on the top two. You must then know what you want to do there, give a lecture or presentation, a workshop or a question and answer hour.