The Types Of Document That Can Be Scanned And Converted


You can have your documents scanned so that they become private files that can only be viewed by a select number of people.

You can have all of your important documents picked up by a service and they will be taken to the scanning premises. The paperclips and staples are going to be removed from the paper and then they can be scanned with the latest-scanning equipment.

Which documents can be scanned and then converted into files?

Shareholder Reports – shareholder reports need to be clear so that they are going to be understood. The reports may also need to be shared amongst a wide group of people through emails. You can decide the format that is going to be used, such as JPEGs or PNGs.

These files can be stored on computers. You may want them to be encrypted.

Health & Safety Documents – health and safety reports can be transformed into electronic files during the private scan process. These files can be JPEGs that can be opened easily by any of the employees and the managers. These files can be backed up on a hard drive.

Employee Contracts – the employee contracts need to be kept on file so that they can be referred to at any time. It is going to be convenient for them to be scanned and then stored as electronic files. This means that they are never going to get lost.

Merger Documents – merger documents outline the process when two companies join together. You can have the physical documents scanned so that they are turned into electronic files. These files can be sent to the companies that are involved in the merger. These files will be accessible at any time when they have been converted to an electronic format.

Management Training Documents – managers will need to receive training so that they will be able to improve their performance. These documents may already be in paper form. They can be scanned so that they are going to be turned into files. These documents can then be emailed to all of the managers so that they can then attend the training session.

The Process That Is Going To Be Followed

There is a set process to be followed when your documents are going to be scanned by a professional firm. Firstly, the documents are going to be picked up from your office. Then they are going to be taken to the scanning centre. All of the paperclips and the staples are going to be removed so that the scanning process is going to be simple.

Every single piece of paperwork is going to be scanned accurately. The scanned file will be converted and then it will be checked to make sure that it is easily legible. The digital files and the hard copies will be then be returned to your office.


Several different types of documents can be scanned competently. You can keep the paper copies and the electronic files.