The Various Types Of Toilets That Can Be Hired


The portable toilets that you have decided to hire need to be easy for people to use and they need to have some lighting so that people can go to the toilet when it is dark. The most sophisticated types of toilet have a shower attached so that people can use them after they have gone to the toilet.

There are lots of different types of toilets that can be hired.

Individual Portable Toilets

You may need to have individual portable toilets if only a few people are working on a building site.

  • These individual cubicles can be accessed through toilet hire in Yorkshire and they are going to give people a high degree of privacy and they are going to then be able to get on with their work on the building site afterwards.

Toilet Blocks

You can hire toilet blocks – this means that the toilets are attached to each other. This is especially useful if a large number of people need to use the toilet at the same time.

  • This may be for builders or it may be for people who are attending a music festival.

Toilets With Baby Changing Rooms Attached

You may be hosting an outdoor event where lots of families are going to be in attendance. They need to have all of the mod cons so that children and adults are able to go to the toilet properly. When families with babies are attending your event, the parents need to have somewhere that caters for baby-changing.

  • The toilets can have baby-changing facilities attached to them and this means that the parents can have some privacy whilst they are performing all of the necessary changes.

Toilets With Showers

The toilets need to have some showers as well. These showers are going to be useful for people when they are at music festivals. When people are outside at music festivals, they can often become covered in mud or body paint. They will want to wash all of this mud and paint off so that they feel comfortable and relaxed once again.

The showers can also be used on building sites so that workers can get themselves clean after they have been digging in the mud.

  • You should check that the toilets have some fully-working showers attached. The style of shower varies between different types of cubicles. You can hire the same type of shower on a regular basis because you will guarantee quality by using this tactic.

Toilets Which Have Air-Conditioning

There are various ways that you are going to be able to regulate the temperature inside a portable toilet. The best way to do this is to hire some portable toilets which have to air-condition inside them.

  • The cold air is going to keep people comfortable when they are going to the toilet outside on an extremely warm day.

Overall Article Review

There are lots of toilets that you can hire, such as individual toilets and those which have air-conditioning running through them constantly.