Why Is Prototype Injection Molding Essential?

Prototype Injection Molding

Prototyping is vital because you need to see the design in the form before going into mass production to make sure that the product will be successful. As the word “prototype” suggests, using a prototype injection molding process can offer the opportunity to test the product before approving for production. It is also a way to correct particular issues and troubleshoot problems.

It is a fact that theory is not always the same as reality, but a designer still hopes that their design will be as close to the prototype as possible. Because you cannot account all the factors that will affect the production process, you can rely on prototyping to test the feasibility of the design.

Here are the key reasons why you need prototyping.

To verify the functionality of the design

When all the brainstorming is done on the design, the only way to see if it’s feasible is to create a prototype. When you have the prototype, you can sit down with the real version of the product and began evaluating it. You will realize that not all drawings and ideas can be close to reality, and specific aspects of the product are not necessary. In true form, you can see the omissions that are not visible on paper.

Aside from the design team evaluating the prototype, you can also test the product before producing them. Using prototypes can eliminate the high production cost of a product which is irrelevant in the end.

Clarifying the Cost of Production and Other Issues

Because product cost is a concern in the manufacturing process, the stakeholders have to see the production process. They also need to check if there are adjustments that can be made to streamline the production and keep the costs down.

In parallel, they can also see if there will be any challenges in producing the part if there is a prototype than to see them when mass production begins. It can also help the designer to pinpoint the exact method of production to be used like injection molding etc.

Selling the Product to the Stakeholders

It is easier to do a marketing presentation to a particular customer when you have the real product that you can manipulate and hold. A concept can be saleable, but with a prototype, it can be easier to have the client commit to purchase the idea.

Application for Patents

Patents are essential for new products to protect the interests of the company and the designer. When you have a working prototype, it will be easier to meet your lawyer and explain the design aspects that can be patentable. It can also work on the other side where with the prototype, you can see which part or why your product violated the patents of others and how you can remedy that before production.

There are many other reasons why you have to invest time and effort into prototype injection molding. However, the most important is with a prototype, your product will never be wrong.