A Guide to Democratic Office Design


It is well known that the working environment is directly related to productivity, and if your employees actually play a part in the office design, you can expect a very positive response. The new wave of office protocol was introduced by forward thinking companies like Google and Apple, who ended to stuffy rules regarding office attire, and the current trend is to establish employee ownership, and one way of achieving that is to bring your workers into the office design process.

  • Establish Ownership – The traditional management style would not involve the employees in office design, yet, as they are the people who will be working in the new environment, surely it makes sense to at least consult them? The ideal way to go about this is to first source an established office fitout contractor, and inform him of your desire to include your employees in the design stage. Then, with the design team ready, you can begin to ask the workers what they would like to include in the new office layout. A person is far more likely to improve their performance if they were involved in the workplace design, and if you are trying to move away from the traditional “them and us” mentality, asking your staff to help you design the new office is a great place to start.
  • Hold a Staff Meeting – This can be after work one day, just for half an hour, and this is the time when you can introduce your concept to the workforce. One idea is to have some shell floorplans printed and ask each member of staff to design their ideal office, and then, after some careful consideration, you might be surprised at just how good the new layout is. If by any chance, you are looking for office refurbishment in Perth, there is an excellent company that specialises in bespoke designs and they welcome client input.
  • Design Approval – After you have received the staff input, you can then discuss things with the office design team, and once a layout has been created, you should allow your employees a chance to look over the final design, which will allow you to make some slight adjustments.
  • The Right Contractor – This is essential, and you really want to find a contractor who can provide a comprehensive service, which would include plumbing, electrical work, and any IT wiring that might be required. The design stage is critical, and of course, you want a company that works well with client input, of which there will be a lot. Once the contractor understands how you value your employees’ input, they would be happy to work together to find the best layout.

An office refurbishment can offer many benefits to the employer, and by enlisting the help of the staff, you are strengthening the teamwork that is needed if you are going to reach your goals.