A Guide to Display Boards in the UK


For anyone looking for an awesome way to create a sign for an event in the office or make a good and lasting impression at any conference or seminar, using a display board is the perfect way to do it. Display boards are important tools for displaying various items or information.

Types of Display Boards

Display boards are of different sizes, shapes, and materials; hence, there are always different suitable display boards for every occasion. Some of the common display boards available in the UK today are:

  • Folding display boards
  • Large display boards
  • Concertina screens and wheeled displays
  • Modular panel and pole boards
  • Poster presentation boards
  • Elevated poster boards ideal for A1 and A0 posters

Each of these types of display boards offers solutions for display at conferences, office events, seminars, trade fairs, universities, libraries, museums, hospitals and much more.

Why Choose Display Boards?

· They enhance your promotional efforts

To enhance promotional efforts and sales of a business without breaking banks, a display board provides the most affordable solutions. A display board will showcase the products or services of your organization or business; thereby, making more customers to see what you have to offer.

· They come in different colours, sizes, and shapes

Display boards are of varying colours; hence, they allow each organization to match the colour of their brand to the colour of the display board. This is a nice way to improve your branding and win more customers. Some of the common colours of display boards are black and blue.

Also, there are varieties of other options to choose from when getting a display board. For instance, you may choose wall-mounted boards, tabletops or freestanding ones. With this, you can customize your display boards based on your needs and tastes.

· They help you change your display quickly

In case you plan to display pieces of information that must be changed from time to time, there are various types of display boards that will suit your need. With the aid of hook fasteners, you can easily add and remove your displays without wasting time.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Display Board

· Your needs

Do you need a small tabletop display board? Or a flexible portable display board that can be resized based on the venue? Or a large display board that can be easily viewed from a far distance? These are some of the questions you need to answer when searching for a display board that will take care of your needs.

· Your taste

If you have a preferred color, shape or types based on your brand or any other reason, you should consider this factor too.

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