What Are Some Things You Should Tell Your Recruiter?


Working with the best finance recruiters provides a great way to secure a job and advance in your career. It is beneficial to tell your recruiter as many details as you can about your previous work experience, professional goals and personal preferences. However, there remains some information that is not in your best interest to detail to your recruiter. How should you know what to say? The following guidelines are a good place to start.

The Type of Work You Want

One of the most important items to discuss with a recruiter is the type of job you want. You want to provide details, so they better understand your preferred industries, job titles and job responsibilities. The more details you provide in the beginning, the better tailored the recruiter can make his or her search to find you something.

Your Salary Target

It might feel awkward to discuss money, but you must detail your salary needs with a recruiter. Make sure to remain realistic for the positions for which you are qualified, but do not undervalue yourself. Once the recruiter knows your salary range, they can ensure to only present you with jobs within it.

The Truth About Wanting a Job

When a recruiter presents a position to you for a possible match, be honest about whether you want it. No one wins if you end up in a position that is the wrong fit. If there is a reason that you do not want to do the job, let the recruiter know. They will have a better idea of what you do want and can select better the next time.

Your recruiter is your partner for finding employment, especially if you take the time to discuss your criteria and parameters for the perfect job. Working with one of the top recruiting companies, such as Beacon Resources, is an ideal place to start. Contact them to discuss your career aspirations.