The Importance of a Virtual Receptionist


For nearly any type of business offering a service or product to consumers, the first line of contact encountered by your customer will be with your customer care department. Unfortunately, a large percentage of small and medium-sized businesses cannot bring in their own in-house reception or customer care team without leaving other room for important brand-spreading actions such as marketing and advertising. To help correct this lack of access, you may choose to outsource your needs to a reliable and highly trained virtual receptionist team.

Real People

The right professionals provide you with a team of trained experts who are real people located right in your backyard, meaning you need not worry about an automated service with limited capabilities or a team located halfway across the world with minimal service options. A reliable and reputable company, such as Message Direct, is determined to offer you a team of local experts who will know about the worries and issues faced by those who also live in the area and be better equipped to offer service. At the end of the day, you receive higher quality support and customer care when you bring in a team of experts rather than choosing an automated service or offering no customer care service at all.

No Missed Calls

So long as you have your virtual receptionist service activated, not a single call made to your company will go unanswered, and the men and women who answer the phones are carefully trained in how to provide the best customer care. When calling your company to speak with you, ask about services or products, or to make a booking, the attitude and demeanour of the person who first answers the phone is critical when creating a positive and lasting impression. For this reason alone, you cannot afford to let just anyone answer the phone, and you certainly cannot afford to miss calls because someone isn’t there to answer them.

A single missed call may lose you the client who would put your company into the global spotlight, or it may cause you to miss out on a potential business deal. Additionally, you may harm your company’s reputation or build a negative reputation if your phones are often ringing without answer. This is why a virtual receptionist is especially beneficial to your company. With no calls unanswered, you may focus on other aspects of building success for your company and allow the experts offering the service to focus on handling overflow calls.

Time Management

When building a successful business from the ground up, you cannot afford to divide your attention in too many directions, especially if you work in an industry slow to forgive mistakes. Time management is a critical component of running any type of business, and a virtual receptionist service will ensure you make the most of every moment at work. Rather than sit with your hands tied to your desk while you answer call after call, allow your receptionist to field calls in such a way that many of the less important issues may be corrected without your direct involvement. The result will be more time to yourself to focus on the many aspects of your business, from employee benefits to your next advertising strategy.


Often, a small or medium-sized business will outsource to a virtual receptionist to ensure all levels of interaction with clients are done with a certain professionalism. For example, if you allowed an inexperienced employee to answer your calls, you may have no way of predicting how they may react to a particularly angry or unhappy caller. A highly trained and experienced virtual receptionist will remain perfectly calm and helpful during even the most abusive of customer calls, leaving your company with an overall professional image in more than one way.

Money Savings

Rather than emptying your monthly budget by hiring a team of employees to handle your call overflow, a virtual receptionist will offer the same service and more for a cost-effective price. Outsourcing is always beneficial in this way because you completely remove the expense of one or more employee salaries each year, as well as any company benefits and other expenses. The simple cost of hiring, training, and otherwise getting an employee ready to work is enough to leave a small business scrambling, and a virtual receptionist will require no training and is paid their salary through their employer rather than out of your profits.


A team of virtual receptionists will answer every single call made to your company without exception, especially during those times of the year when calls are more frequent. The best action you will take for your company as a whole will be to hire such experts because you will immediately receive the peace of mind that no calls will be missed at a critical moment, even if your actual store is far too busy for you to handle the calls on your own. This reliability will allow you to reduce your stress and to focus your efforts on other aspects of growing your business.


As the owner and manager of a company just beginning to grow its audience and brand recognition, you cannot afford to go without certain services if you want to present a professional and trustworthy image to your customers. Whether you offer a service or a product to those calling, a virtual receptionist will free up your responsibilities so that you can finally focus more of your own time on other aspects of the company. Dividing your attention may cause you to miss critical problems or make mistakes, so it is in your best interests to hire these services sooner rather than later.