OEE Software Helps Manufacturing Businesses Do a Better Job


Overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE, is often applied to various manufacturing processes, no matter what the company is manufacturing. Most of this effort is handled through specialised software that the company uses to save money when it comes to your bottom line, implement changes that produce expert results, and help your employees improve their productivity and effectiveness. This software is user-friendly, flexible, automated, and offers real-time performance improvements when it comes to the operation of your business. OEE software can produce gains of up to 10% once it is implemented, which results in your business teams protecting their competitiveness and making the right impactful decisions. In short, these software packages help you improve the performance of your operational systems, which in turn increases your business’ overall productivity and therefore, your bottom line.

The Gist of OEE Software

The right OEE software requires no complex spreadsheets because the software automatically organises the information into graphic visuals, allowing for real-time reporting and analysis. The software handles data perfectly through either automatic or manual implementation, monitors both quantity and energy, analyses root causes and “what-if” scenarios, and gives you alerts and dashboards for real-time reporting that are completely accurate. It can help your business achieve its goals in several ways, including increasing your output without any additional labour or capital plant investment, and requiring a shorter time period and fewer resources while maintaining the same production level. Regardless of the number of manufacturing plants you own or how many production lines are involved, OEE systems provide an important decision support tool and enable you to get the information you need regarding performance, quality, and availability. They save both time and money, which in turn allows your business to run much more efficiently.

The Different Parts of OEE Software

Most OEE software companies concentrate on capturing data, reporting, and monitoring, and allow operators to gather important information during any breakdowns and start-ups. This information includes data on exact timings and minor stoppages, which can be invaluable when it comes to devising plans for improvement. Line data portals (LDPs) can be either automatic or manual, and once the data is entered into the computer, the software will analyse it and offer suggestions for greater efficiency with less paperwork and other time-consuming tasks. With these software packages, your business can both calculate and improve your OEE, and if you are unsure which aspect of these systems to utilise first, the companies that make them can help. They can also give you a free quote for the package you want and help answer questions that aren’t on their website. OEE software companies do a great job of helping your manufacturing business improve its efficiency, and anything you need from them can be found on their website.