Basics of SEO which you should know

Basics of SEO

When you begin a website, it is not easy to rank your website higher as there aren’t too many interactions on your website and this prevents your website from topping the search engine results. However, through affordable search engine optimization (SEO), you can make your website rank higher within a short time.

The basics of SEO are the secret to a higher rank. You can implement these on your website and you could see the difference by yourself. Here is a list of some of the basics of SEO that you must know.

Post Meta Description

There are affordable search engine optimization plugins in WordPress that permit you to add your post’s meta descriptions. These descriptions are pivotal in ranking your website higher in search engine results. Make use of the meta description by adding your main keyword in it which will make your content more intent-driven. Meta descriptions are a must for every content and optimizing them will ensure maximum traffic to your website. Google ranks every individual web page and thus, it becomes important for certain keywords.

Image Alt Attribute

Google does not know about the image that you are putting on your webpage. It recognizes them using the names that you give to the image. For the better reach of your page, you must use proper names for the images so that it becomes easier for the search engines to find it. The name of the image should be relevant to the actual image. If you have mistakenly uploaded an image with a different name, you can change it manually using the image alt attribute.


With every new post or article, it is a good strategy to provide the link to your older posts. This will allow visitors to know about your old posts and they might even read it which will make them stay longer on your website and the search engines will be able to crawl the old posts again. Many times, the visitor might love some of your posts and would want to read more such posts, and providing them with the links to your old posts will just be the perfect moment to get your old posts visitor your older posts. This will also increase navigability will reduce the bounce rate.


These are some of the basics of affordable search engine optimization and you need to know about them as they can get your website a huge boost in terms of search engine ranking.