Benefits of an internship

Benefits of an internship

We’ve all seen interns on the movie screens, fetching cups of coffee, filing endless mountains of boring paperwork. The life of an intern is seemingly dull and defined by tedious, mundane tasks. Yet the reality beyond the movie screens reveals a very different experience. Long gone are these stereotypes, replaced instead with full-time or part-time work experience that proves priceless to gaining valuable industry knowledge.

With insight from their own internship program, the team at the leading public relations and digital agency, Adoni Media, have listed some of the benefits you may receive by undertaking an internship.

1.    Improves industry skills

Gaining real world experience is the number one tool that is invaluable for any young aspiring industry professional. At an internship, you can develop and further engrain skills that are necessary for your field of work. However, witnessing the daily jobs and activities that you can expect to encounter in your job can also provide numerous opportunities to foster new skills and acquire knowledge that simply cannot be taught in a classroom.

2.    Broadens connections

Any industry professional understands it’s not always about what you know, but who you know. While completing an internship may be an attractive addition to your resume, building professionals networks while you are interning can be the leg up you need to launch your career. Not only will it help you to make well-informed career decisions but may also provide opportunities and connections to gain future career prospects.

3.    Gives direction

Underlying the essence of an internship is the ability to gain career and industry experience. However, so to will it allow you to derive certain fields and areas of an industry you may have more interest in. By discovering these interests early on within an internship, you will enter jobs you are more likely to have a passion for and succeed in.