How A Trend Started By Celebrities Is Affecting Youngsters?


For better or something worst, celebrities leave a powerful impact on the point of views of teen. They change the prospectus about how they see themselves and how the see the world. In fact, this is very easy to underestimate how much teenage attitude and behaviour is influenced by celebrities.

Although celebrities can influence the teens in positive ways, they can be role model of them, but the problem is famous celebrities and singers are setting unhealthy examples as well, the way they dressed and the fashion trends the follow will be accurate for them but not for the teen to follow these types of fashion in public. These substances are often detrimental to teen’s mental health also.

Due to these reasons, teen need guidance on how to interpret celebrities influence. Adult can engage children with media, applause the way they notice the things, also let them saw the positive aspect of the celebrities and media life.

The impact of media on teen’s body language:

A research has proven the fact that a teen’s body is shaped by many factors, including their families, friend circle, liking and disliking, where they live and their cultural background. However, the celebrities also have a profound impact on teen’s body language.

A survey conducted name “ideal to real” body image survey, as a result they found that 80 percent of teen girls compare their body with an image of celebrity they love to follow. Moreover, among those girls, some said they always remain dissatisfied by their looks when they compare themselves with celebrity images.

The young age is the phase of life when a teen is more concerned about his looks than anything else in the world, the way they take every event seriously and prepare matching dress, shoes and accessories reflect how much they love to look perfect. It is said that 25% of American girls are capable of winning miss world’s award then to win noble prize.

How celebrity influence teen’s eating habits:

To be very honest I feel that celebrities eating habits are just destroying teen. They are in-field person and they need to be fit and healthy even un the age of 50 also, they can afford strict diets and hard work out because they know the proper way of doing this, beside dieting foods they take cold pressed juicers and super powder foods, and other multivitamin supplements which their body needs to perform smoothly.

Secondly, they do not share exact secrets of their fitness, only some dead ends that leads to the nothing successful. A friend of mine was following diet plan of a celebrity that she found on internet, she did the diet more passion as compared to the passion she shows in her studies, she did it for almost 2 weeks with hard exercise, that is not good for a beginner can cause you serious joint pain, well after two weeks, she was absent from school and the reason was she was in intensive care unit because of less dose of meal that is required by her body. So, eating trends followed by celebrities are destroying our teen.

Everyone wants to be a star:

We all love fame and glam, don’t we? Come on don’t be shy say it all, it’s not a bad thing so that you hide it from others, its natural, only a fool will not like people around him waiting for his autograph, if you like fam and glam say it, and discuss it with the concerned and reliable people that can help you out in this. But instead our teen is being fooled by some sick mind people in the name of fame and glam.

  • Tempering with photos, used for blackmailing
  • Audio calls recordings
  • Forced to do something that is not right
  • Sexual harassment and abuse

These are some examples of destination as a teen you will find if you trust any random person who say some libellous and slanderous statement to you.

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