Choosing Industrial and Commercial Floor Cleaners


If you own, manage, or are responsible for the cleaning of large commercial premises, you will know that is important to have the right tools for the job. Every business is different, but what they all have in common is that high traffic areas can get very dirty, very quickly.

Whether you maintain a daily or weekly cleaning schedule, choosing the right machine will make your job that much easier and your premises that much cleaner. Industrial floor cleaners are cheaper and more accessible than they ever have been. Here we’ll guide you in the right direction in your purchase of a new floor cleaner.

Which Type?

A vacuum cleaner works well in the home for both carpeted and laminate flooring, but in a commercial environment, high traffic hard surface flooring requires a little extra. In our experience, a commercial floor scrubber is going to make the job of cleaning a large surface area less time consuming and more efficient.

How do they work?

A floor scrubber is a large hand operated piece of machinery which features a water supply with the ability to add detergent. The idea is that a floor scrubber is pushed along a hard surface where cleaning solution is automatically dispensed to the brushes below which make contact with the floor. In effect, any surface is being mopped and polished at the same time.

The benefits include;

  • Quicker drying times than a conventional mop. A floor scrubber will use much less water which prevents the surface being cleaned from becoming unnecessarily wet. Most models also come with a rubber blade at the rear which acts like a window wiper, removing any water that is still present.
  • Greater cleaning efficiency than other methods. The process is as simple as pushing the floor scrubber across dirty and heavily soiled areas. Such floors would usually require a mop and a lot of effort to achieve the same result. In addition, the chemical agents that floor scrubbers spray onto the floor are able to remove sticky deposits and grime much easier than soap and water.
  • Less time taken to clean an average floor. For larger areas such as warehouses, a ride on option is available which is able to cover a greater area much faster, reducing the amount of operator effort required even further.
  • Low maintenance. Once purchased, a floor scrubber will serve you for years without the need for routine servicing or the worry of having to change parts regularly.
  • The ability to customise. Each model will come with a set of controls that you will be able to alter to your needs. If your surfaces only require a light clean, you are able to reduce the amount of water and cleaning solution that it dispensed. On the other end of the scale, for really dirty floors you are able to increase the rotating speeds of the cleaning brushes to provide a really deep clean.

Some companies that provide industrial and commercial floor cleaners will be able to offer the option of hiring instead of purchasing. If the initial capital outlay is a concern, considering hiring instead.