Every trade must be in your control


In the Forex industry, you need to control every execution from beginning to end. The positions must be in your control. Moreover, you will also need a constructive idea of how to secure the investment with stop-loss and take-profit. If you can manage the profession by planning with the safety of your trading capital in mind, it will help you survive in every market. Therefore, you can run the business longer and can improve your edge for making profits too. Without having a stable mindset for the profession, you will fail to manage profits. Your mind will always focus on high-profit potentials. Therefore, the executions plans will be inappropriate and unsafe for your career. You will place the orders randomly without an efficient market analysis. Then the stop-loss and take-profit will be missed in the process.

None of the systems we just mentioned is appropriate for a safe career. You can run it in the profession for a month with random execution plans. Therefore, you must focus on improving the plans for the trades. To secure the investment from high potential losses, you will need appropriate money management. At the same time, you will also need a sound idea of market analysis. Then the trades must be secured with stop-loss and take-profit. If you read the following segments, you can learn more about a constructive trading plan.

How would you open a trade?

To set the trades in the markets, you must try to find suitable positions for entry. If you can assure the full control over the positions, the trades will be secure because to control the positions, you will need constructive plans. Market analysis will be required and you must also consider the risk exposure while placing an order. Most importantly, you must try to find a suitable retracement which can satisfy the risk to reward ratio. That means you must scale the trades properly even before placing it in the markets.

If you can prepare the plans for your trades, you will get the right setups in the SaxoTraderPro trading platform because you will only trade when a setup is suitable for your preferred risk to reward ratio. Then you will feel safe in the process and you will be confident about the system.

When you will close the trade?

Aside from the entry spots, you must also find the exit points for the trades as well because it is important for the scaling of the trades. As mentioned earlier, it will help you secure the investment of a trade. This is because stop-loss and take-profit can be used for the exits. When you will follow the risk to reward ratio for the stop-loss and take-profit placement, you will have confidence in your performance. This will help you improve quality in the business process. At the same time, you can also manage a consistent win from the executions.

But before thinking about profits you must focus on the improvement of the plans. Without predefining the exit points according to the ratio, you should never place a trade. It will be unsafe for your career and for the account balance.

Is the risk exposure set properly?

To control your emotions and to improve confidence in positioning, you must reduce the risk exposure. As the tension of losing capital can increase instability in the mindset, it will help you stay consistent. Your mind will also think productively in the business. Therefore, you will have a very low potential loss in the business because the entry and exit points will be defined before executing a trade. You will also think of the stop-loss and take-profit properly for every execution.

Before managing profits, the traders in Singapore must care about the safety of the investment. And to assure it, you must try hard to reduce the risk exposure. It is very simple when you will follow a decent risk per trade strategy with simple leverage. For example, a 1% risk per trade and a 1:10 leverage can help you continue in the industry for a long time.