Benefits of Financial Reporting Standards


Many private limited companies prepare their financial statements while keeping in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). However, many entrepreneurs are confused as to whether they should prepare the financial statements in line with the IFRS, or if it’s better if they just prepare them like normal. Why should you adhere with the requirements of the IFRS, which would also require your company to hire a chartered accountant? There are many reasons why your company should consider adopting the International Financial Reporting Standards. Here are some key benefits that you should know about adopting these standards.

  1. Improved Comparability

By preparing financial statements while keeping the international standards in mind, your company’s financials will be easily compared with others. This will allow you to evaluate the performance of your company with other businesses in the same industry. Using a common set of accounting standards allows your company to attract more investors. Investors will be able to easily compare your company’s performance with others and decide whether they want to invest their money in your business or not.

  1. Clear and Accurate Representation

By making sure that your financial statements are prepared in line with IFRS, you will be able to ensure that your company’s financial position is presented accurately and fairly. Keeping records of your company’s financial condition is very important, as it will allow you to compare the year over year growth of your business. It’s important that all accounts are prepared in a way that’s internationally acceptable so that you can get a better idea about how your business is doing.

  1. Attracting Foreign Investors

The IFRS is accepted globally, so preparing your accounts while keeping the financial reporting standards in mind will allow you to attract foreign investors into your company as well. You can easily send your company’s accounts to various other businesses and venture capitalists in a bid to generate more money and get more investment. It’s an excellent way to grow your business and get more money in.

  1. Allows for Growth

If your company wants to list itself on the stock exchange, it must prepare documentation while keeping in line with the IFRS. Presenting your fiscal statements with IFRS is not difficult. You can use simple programs like the IFRS 17 reporting software to ensure that all insurance contracts and other expenses and contracts are represented fairly in the accounting standards.

Nowadays, all financial reporting standards can be prepared using simple reporting software programs. This allows accountants and the people working in your company to make sure that everything is prepared accordingly and that the work is done accurately. All financial transactions must be reported and recorded properly to ensure that the company’s true financial position is visible at the end of the year. In case of a public limited company, it is imperative that the statements be prepared in line with the IFRS, as they will be audited too.