High Rise Window Cleaning Solutions from the Experts


Have you ever wondered how they manage to clean the windows on a skyscraper? Actually, there are several ways to do this, with a platform that is lowered down from the very top of the building, for example, the window cleaner can access all of the windows. This system is very time consuming, as the platform needs to be moved often, yet there is another way to clean the sides of a high rise building, and with reliable rope access window cleaning in Leeds, the job is finished in no time.

Professional Abseiling Team

Abseiling is most definitely not for the faint of heart, yet there are high rise experts who can move around a large expanse of glass quite quickly, and these trained operatives use top-notch safety equipment. Squeegee and bucket at hand, the abseiling window cleaner can cover a lot of ground, and in some cases, this is the best way to clean the glass.

Long Water Feeds

The specialist high rise window cleaner uses an ingenious method to pump water to the windows, with 60-foot hoses that pump water right to the operative’s squeegee, and this eliminates the need to refill buckets with clean water.

Platform Specialist

The people who clean high rise windows use a variety of methods, which include:

  • A Hydraulic Platform – Operated from within the platform.
  • Abseiling – Experts can reach every section of the side of a building, and they can work very quickly.

If you would like a quote to clean your high rise windows, an online search will help you locate a local specialist.