Is MilesWeb’s Managed VPS Hosting Suitable for Medium Business?

VPS Hosting

Today, no one will help you if you lag behind. It is a fast paced world wherein, you need to move according to the speed of others. This is because there’s a lot of competition in every niche in the market. Everyone wants to lead the market and so there are always new technologies being added to stay up.

Apart from this, you also need to have a web presence to dominate in the market. Without a web presence, you can do nothing. If you have already built a website, you are a step forward. But simply having a website hosted somewhere isn’t enough. You need to always check if it is working properly. Also, it should be always available to your online visitors. In case it’s not, get ready for losing your traffic and sales as those visitors who can’t access your website will turn to your competitors.

Therefore, website maintenance is very important from your side. Additionally, your web hosting provider too should take care of your website and see to it that there is no downtime. It is the responsibility of a web host to manage the server related tasks properly and fix any issues on it immediately.

When people just start their website, they select shared hosting. But as their website starts growing, there is plenty of traffic coming in and this makes it difficult for the server to manage. This happens because your website requires more resources to manage the traffic. To avoid this issue, VPS hosting in India is the next best option to go for.

In cheap VPS hosting, you get the features of both shared as well as dedicated hosting. A physical server is divided in to multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers is allocated with independent hosting environment and resources. These resources are scalable of the VPS is cloud-based.

VPS hosting comes of two types- managed VPS and unmanaged VPS.

In managed VPS hosting, the web hosting takes the complete responsibility of managing the server, you don’t need to manage any technicalities.

In unmanaged VPS Server, you are the only responsible for managing the server related tasks.

So, it is better to opt for managed VPS hosting services, if you don’t have technical knowledge.

MilesWeb’s Managed VPS Hosting Review

MilesWeb Introduction

MilesWeb is in the web hosting niche since 2012 and has now grown to a leading web hosting provider. They have their presence globally and cater over 20,000 customers. Being an award-winning and independent web hosting provider, they offer wide range of web hosting plans to meet the needs of all types of businesses. Shared hosting, reseller hosting, managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, managed windows VPS, dedicated servers, managed AWS and DigitalOcean Cloud hosting are the services offered by them.

Managed VPS Hosting Plans

 VPS Hosting


Select Your Control Panel: MilesWeb allows you to select the control panel of your choice. The control panels offered by them are Webuzo, cPanel and Plesk.

Select Your Operating System: You get multiple operating systems from which you can select one according to your preference. They offer CentOS, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu operating systems.

Cloud-Powered VPS: You get the best I/O performance with their managed VPS hosting plans. Due to this you get to experience the dedicated server’s power as well as cloud server’s flexibility.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware: They have VPS servers setup on cloud infrastructure that is configured with Enterprise-grade hardware.

Solid-State Drives: Their VPS have built-in SSDs for improved performance and reliability. With SSDs you can stay worry-free in terms of performance as those are faster and durable than HDDs.

Free VPS Management: Your server is deployed, optimized and managed by their team without asking for any extra payment from you.

SSH and Root Access: You can have complete control over your VPS environment. The full root SSH access is offered on their Linux VPS hosting plans.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard: The simple and user-friendly dashboard enables you to reboot VPS, track memory usage, check load on server and manage VPS server’s other configurations.

Host Unlimited Sites: You get the ability to host all websites on the same VPS account. There isn’t any limit on hosting websites on a single VPS account.

Instant Provisioning: You don’t need to wait long for getting your new VPS server setup. You get your server quickly deployed instantly after your order gets completed and payment is verified.

No Setup Fee: You aren’t charged anything extra for deploying your server as it is deployed automatically. Just pay for the plan.

Robust Infrastructure: Their VPS hosting is built on a robust infrastructure with the technology from leading players such as Dell, Supermicro, HP and Cisco. This enables best uptime and stability for your website.

Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsCustomer Reviews


MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting plans are surely the best for medium businesses as you get everything needed for managing your website.