Bidding For The Best Driver Job

Best Driver Job

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss and operate a business that offers flexibility?   Have you ever thought of starting your own trucking business?   There is still a lot of hardwork, responsibilities and discipline that go into running your own trucking business.  When you run your own business, you can make your own decisions on the shipment to haul, and how you want it to be done.  Apart from being independent, you have the freedom to be flexible and work according to your own schedule.  Being owners will definitely increase your profits compared to working under a company because you can claim a larger share on the profits of each shipment.  Truck owners control every aspect of the truck driving role so they collect the profit for themselves.

Having said that, being in a trucking business has its challenges and one of them is finding loads that are profitable.  To help you get started, a shipping platform or load board can you find loads.  Load boards are also known as freight boards, acts as an online matching system that connects shippers, brokers and carriers.  Shippers and freight brokers will post their shipment on the load boards and carriers like yourself will bid on delivery work.

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How Do The Shipping Bids Work?

Just like auctions on eBay, transport bidding in the world of shipping work the same way.   The truck owners or drivers will browse the freight bidding sites to bid on the loads to haul.  The shippers post their shipments on transport bidding sites to get a good bid for shipping their cargo.

Many truck owners look for shipping bids on load boards on platform like Shiply that has thousands of shipping bids being posted every day. Unlike most delivery bidding sites, you can sign up for free on Shiply to find loads that matches your requirements. There is no subscription fee either. This means that you get to browse loads for free and Shiply will only charge a fee on top of the price you quote when you have successfully bid for a job.  Its powerful custom search function allows you to search for shipment by viewing postings by the state, local, or route.  You can easily search and bid for shipping loads that fit into routes you are already planning on driving.

Once you have found a load that you want to carry, just place a shipping bid and wait to see if it is accepted. The bidding process will be over once the customer accepts your quote.  You will receive an email booking confirmation with the full collection or delivery details.

At this online platform, there is a job posting every 30 seconds.  This means that you can definitely find a suitable delivery job no matter the vehicle you are driving.  You can easily connect to businesses that need help moving, delivering or hauling large items.  Whether you are looking for a big delivery to fill your truck or just want to pick up a load while on your way back from another delivery, you are sure to find something on this platform.