Is Your Hotel Taking Environmental Initiatives


Besides using linen services to clean and maintain bedding and towels, hotels can do their part environmentally by switching to sustainable products and saving on energy. For example, some of the energy-saving technology in which you can invest includes lighting that is more energy-efficient and a heating and cooling system that saves you money on utilities. Whilst it is not necessary to make these moves all at once, you can incorporate them into your property gradually and permanently.

What Are You Recycling?

Recycling is another area where hotels need to focus their efforts. Because a hotel can create a good deal of waste, recycling is imperative. Try to recycle your plastics, cans, glass, and paper by offering separate bins for each of the materials. Placing the bins in the lobby or in guests’ rooms will encourage this type of thinking. Be sure to label the containers distinctly so that waste can be easily and categorically removed.

However, you do not have to limit your recycling efforts totally to rubbish. Any old glassware or crockery, for instance, should be set aside for donation. You can also recycle such items as fixtures, fittings, ornaments, or furniture. If an item that you do not want is still in good shape, set it aside for donation.

Again, ensure that your hotel is running an environmentally friendly way by using a linen hire company to take care of the laundering of your towels and bedding. After all, laundering takes up a good deal of energy and water. Therefore, using a linen hire company is an ideal way to resolve this dilemma.

Is the Linen Service Company Environmentally Focused?

Even more importantly, use a linen hire company that also follows sound environmental practices. For example, the company should also be working to reduce its own impact on the environment by investing in energy-efficient washing machines and dryers. It should also be concentrating on lowering the washing temperatures or employing cutting-edge water recycling.

A Cost-Cutting, Sustainable Initiative

Hotel properties that turn over their laundry tasks to a green hotel linen hire firm can lessen their own environmental impact without having to spend money on new washing machines, dryers, and methods. By taking this approach, you can cut down on the costs for labour as well.

Set Aside a Green or Garden Space

The land that surrounds your hotel should be considered as well. For example, instead of paving a space, why not make it a green area or garden instead? You can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by making the space a lush green place to relax rather than an area reserved for carbon-producing cars.

In addition, it helps to source and buy your produce locally. By making this a practice, you will reduce the carbon footprint even further. Guests like to be served local food as it makes their stay more immersive.

Set a Good Environmental Example

When implementing environmentally sound principles, make sure that you share the practice with your employees. You can assist in making both your staff and guests greener and more environmentally conscious too.