The Many Benefits of Pre-employment Screening Procedures


Companies who use pre-employment screening procedures as a core element of their recruitment process realise a wide variety of benefits, one of the most notable is hiring new staff members who fit perfectly into their new role. All businesses want to employee individuals who will help their organisation thrive, so pre-employment screening is a very important aspect of this process.

As an employer, you should ask yourself several questions before screening, and eventually offering any individual a position at your company.

 Why is Pre-employment Screening So Important?

It is important for various reasons, and all of these are advantageous to your company. You want to hire the most qualified candidate for the job and not have to replace this individual shortly after they have started work for you. The recruitment process can be time consuming for any corporation, and you do not want to waste it by nonchalantly choosing the first candidate who seems to fit the bill.

  • Hiring quality candidates > carrying out background checks allows you to connect the dots, are they being truthful on their resume? Have they really worked in a specific industry? Do they have the kind of experience they claim to have? These are all questions you can answer by analysing their CV and background, and seeing whether they both check out. You want to ensure your company hires a candidate who is more than qualified for the role.
  • Avoid Negligence & Workplace Injuries > pre-employment screening is vital for employers who work in industries which may be considerably more dangerous than your average jobs. For example, if someone lies on their CV about their experience operating heavy machinery, and is not screened properly, they could cause a serious accident resulting in injuries to themselves and other staff members, a poor screening process means your company is held liable for any negligence caused by your new recruit. Furthermore, it could leave your business with a hefty lawsuit and substantial insurance claims.
  • Lower Rates of Employee Turnover > background checks are important employment tools when it comes to hiring candidates who are suited to your business, it lowers the rate of employee turnover and helps to keep employees are your organisation for long periods of time. Having to constantly recruit new staff costs money, so you should take some time to conduct professional screening procedures so you end up selecting a person who fit their role.

Use a Professional Screening Service

If you are a small to medium sized enterprise you may not have the resources or manpower to nominate one of your staff members to carry out pre-employment screening checks, one alternative is to hire a company who provide DBS checking services for clients who wish to conduct background checks on potential staff members.

These companies are highly efficient and know exactly how to deal with screening requests, they understand your industry and what kind of regulations are present.

It is vital that you implement a well-designed recruitment programme in your business, alternatively outsource this process to a qualified screening service.