Professional Cleaning for Your Warehouse

Walk Behind Scrubber Machine For Cleaning Warehouse Floor

If you just bought a new warehouse for your business or if you have had it for a while, you probably need to have it cleaned. Warehouses tend to be most susceptible to damage and soil throughout their lifetime. They are susceptible for a few reasons. For one, so much comes in and out of a warehouse that it’s very easy to track in dust and grime when you load or unload a truck. In addition to tracking in dust, you can bring in bugs and other critters you don’t want in your warehouse. Finally, warehouses are susceptible to damage because they are often in warehouse districts. Warehouse districts are often a little bit removed from the city proper and not as populated as other areas, which makes them a prime target for graffiti artists and other types of criminals. It’s very common to go to your warehouse in the morning and find fresh spray paint on the walls.

Removing Spray Paint

Removing spray paint is incredibly difficult since it is designed to be permanent. The manufacturers of different kinds of spray paint want it to last as long as roll-on latex paint. Also, many of the chemicals and processes used to remove paint are damaging to the wall underneath. Ideally, you want to be able to remove the paint without removing the facade of the warehouse. There are many different ways to accomplish that, depending on the type of material. For a brick warehouse facade, you can often just pressure wash the spray paint off. If it has seeped into the cracks and crevices of the brick, that can be very difficult task to execute. If you do not have a brick facade, other means might be more appropriate. Industrial cleaners in Essex will know exactly how to remove spray paint and many other types of damage.

Gutter Cleaning

You probably don’t spend much time at your warehouse if you have another building from which you work, which means that the warehouse is often unattended or uninspected. So, you need to make sure the gutters are in great shape and will be fine without you there. If your gutters are not in good shape, they won’t be able to catch rainwater and funnel it away from your building. Instead, the water will build up around the base of the building, which will most likely result in flooding inside your warehouse. Such flooding can damage your products and make you more susceptible to the knock-on effects of water damage.

Water Damage

Water damage consists of the immediate damage to the products and items in your warehouse, but also many effects after that. The amount of moisture in the building will often lead to mould and mildew growing, especially in the dark corners of the warehouse. If you have had flooding, you need to call a professional to deal with the water damage right away. The damage to your warehouse will not resolve itself, and you need professional tools and skills to truly address the issue.