Keep Things Cool at Work with an Air Conditioning Upgrade


The cooling system in the workplace should always be operational. Otherwise, the environment can turn disagreeable very quickly. Not only should the indoor surroundings be comfortable for clients or customers; they should also promote productivity. Whether your commercial enterprise is a multi-storey building or a small retail shop, you need to make sure that both your cooling and heating systems work.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Some of the air conditioning systems that are used by businesses today feature large chilled-water units, whilst others operate as small split air systems. Still others employ the latest advances, including heat recovery, inverter motor control, and free cooling.

If you want to make an air conditioning upgrade for your business, you need to speak to a company that offers a full design consultancy package. Take time to review the environmental considerations for your air conditioning installation. Also review what equipment qualifies for the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance, or ECA scheme. The ECA scheme encourages commercial businesses to lower the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.

How the Split Air System Works

One of the popular air conditioning systems used by businesses is the split air conditioning system. This system upgrade is made up of an indoor unit and outdoor unit. The units are linked with two insulated refrigeration pipes made of copper.

The air conditioning system operates by pumping heated or cooled air from one area to the next. Therefore, this type of system can be used for both heating and cooling. Ideally, it is best to install the units close to one another, as this affords a shorter run of pipe. The pipework for the system can be hidden behind ceilings or within white PVC trunking.

Systems today use safe refrigerants that are designed not to delete the ozone. As noted, air conditioning units also feature inverter type compressors, which save on energy. Therefore, you can reduce the costs of cooling your building, which is good for your bottom line.

Maintenance Services

The same company that installs your air conditioning system should be counted on for repairs and maintenance. To make ensure a cool and comfortable environment for your staff and customers, you should strongly consider a maintenance contract.

Regularly scheduled maintenance or breakdown assistance can be managed through a bespoke maintenance package. Each maintenance package is tailored to meet the H.V.A.C. needs of each customer. Therefore, work with a company that can provide you with full air conditioning services as well as complementary services such as commercial heating and ventilation and electrical testing.

If you want to keep your employees and customers happy, you cannot overlook the need to partner with an experienced contractor – one that specialises in air conditioning and heating installations as well as repair and maintenance.