The Subtle Art of Phishing Explained


Phishing is not some hi-tech way to replace traditional fishing, rather it is a term for the invasive – and sometimes underhand – process of digital marketing. Exactly what goes on with zillions of ones and zeros flying through the air is anyones guess, but one thing’s for sure – the phishing experts are always finding new way to access user details. Protecting your personal information has never been more important than now, with sophisticated viruses that seek out credit card and bank data from the unsuspecting user.

How Do I Recognise a Phishing Email?

If you want to read up on how to spot a phishing email, there are online resources that help you to understand how phishing works, and how to spot those dangerous ones. Almost all harmful viruses are attached to the phishing email, and with inviting names like “click on me” or “See your Prize”, the unsuspecting user double clicks …….. and that is all it takes for the malicious code to get to work. In order to fully protect yourself, it is recommended to get in touch with an anti-virus/spam developer, who can easily protect you and your data within minutes.

The Potential Consequences

Once a piece of malicious code is executed, then the virus will do what it is programmed to do, which might be any of the following:

  • To steal personal and financial data.
  • To delete all data on all drives at a given date and time.
  • Track your browsing history and sell this to online marketing companies.

If you have no backup and lose all your data, imagine the consequences! This is more than enough reason to seek out the help of an online developer, who, for a small fee, will protect anywhere form 1- 10,000 email inboxes, and not only will you be protected, you will no longer have to deal with that daily dose of spam.

Online Protection

The best way to protect your data is to create a virtual barrier before anything reaches your inbox. That way, nothing but trusted data can get through, and with full quarantine and tracking facilities, you, the user are in full control. The easy to use interface ensures you know what you are doing, and if you have a lot of employees, you can track all of their Internet activity from your administrator’s interface.

Cat and Mouse

There is a constant battle between digital thieves and developers, and this means you need constant updates, to close new holes that are discovered by the phishing community, and it is only by enlisting the help of the experts, can you be sure you are protected. If you would like to know more about phishing protection, an online search will give you a list of developers who are dedicated to protecting valuable data.

Phishing has been with us for a while now, and with the sophisticated methods the online thieves are adopting, you need to be protected in an ongoing manner.