Save Time and Money: Make the Switch to Pallet Delivery


For companies that haven’t switched to palletisation as a method for moving their products, the change may seem overwhelming, especially if the business moves tons of individual goods on a regular basis. But this product volume is probably the best reason for embracing the use of pallets. The impact on material handling is extraordinary. There is no comparison in terms of efficiency (saving time).

Some companies have found that they could reduce rail-car loading time from days to hours. It’s basic knowledge that palletised products are moved quickly when compared to handling cartons and boxes manually. When your business makes the change, you’ll experience quick turnaround of vehicles used for delivery. This efficient use of your equipment can be responsible for a significant savings in operating costs.

Combining Technologies

If you combine the use of palletisation with the convenience of arranging your shipping online, you may wonder why you didn’t switch before now. Consider these other benefits of handling your products more quickly. Your trailer doors will be ready sooner when there’s another vehicle waiting. Your labour costs will be reduced and your products will be on the dock for a shorter period of time. This can be crucial when you work with temperature-sensitive goods.

But, if you’re thinking about arranging for pallet delivery online, you shouldn’t choose just any provider. You’ll want to partner with a company putting extensive experience to work for you. Product damage can be reduced and worker injury may be eliminated altogether. You may also find that your clients prefer to receive their goods in a palletised form because they are easier to handle. There are companies offering this special service based on more than a decade of service to valued clients.

You can get started by contacting a top provider for a free no-obligation quote. Once you start using this excellent service, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your products are handled quickly and efficiently from start to finish. You don’t have to commit to a long-term contract with online suppliers because they’ll be available for one-off projects if that’s what you need. You’ll also benefit from the reasonable prices offered, a function of the experience that these pallet shippers have in the industry.

24-Hour Service

Naturally, when you use the online booking method, you can put your shipment in motion around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, you’d be wise to visit the website of one of the leaders in the field to learn more about the various offers available. Or, you can make one phone call now to get expert advice on subjects such as clearing customs and documentation for importing or exporting goods.

While there are a few options in pallet shipping, you should definitely look for value. It’s more likely that you’ll find this with a long-standing provider simply because the experienced companies have worked out some of the inevitable small issues that can arise with shipping products within the UK, in Europe, or to a destination on the other side of the planet.