Specialist Recruitment Services


Particular industries make sue of special recruitment companies and there are many advantages for people seeking to further their career. Specialist businesses do not advertise via the regular channels, and opt to deal with renowned recruitment companies with a vast experience in sourcing the ideal candidates.

  • Over the years, outsourcing recruitment is a popular technique for a lot of large companies because it works out more effectively and takes away any need for a human resources department.
  • And with the current economic atmosphere, downsizing has now become practically inevitable with all large businesses doing it in this manner in some way or thereabout.

The Asbestos Business

  • Nowadays, asbestos has for a long time not been made use of in modern buildings.
  • However, there are still quite some number of existing building projects with asbestos that remain standing today.
  • The removal of asbestos is very much in need, and is a field where professionally qualified people are always required so as to comply with government regulations.

Asbestos Surveying

  • To remove this noxious substance, an expert will have needs to assess the building, and configure the safest method of completing the task.
  • The dangers, plus government regulations of this employment state that it can only be carried out by experts.
  • Professional asbestos consultant jobs are often in demand by companies that wish for a suitable recruitment company to help in fulfilling this demand.
  • If you are involved in this type of business, you might already be happy where you currently are with no such desire to seek a new employer.
  • But by simply registering with a top recruitment company, your data will be kept, and should anything suitable appear, you will be contacted and if interested, invited to apply for the position.
  • From a worker’s point of view, this can only be a positive situation, as one is provided with new possibilities.
  • Moving on up the career ladder is what nearly all people wish for and by signing up with the right company, such opportunities will reveal themselves.

Assured Client Confidentiality

  • The recruitment company provides any potential employee total confidentiality that lets you browse any available positions without your present employer knowing that you are looking at other opportunities.
  • Such privacy is crucial as people require protection of one’s current job while viewing other opportunities.

Correlated Networks

  • A professional recruitment business which specialises in particular industries has extensive contacts in companies which require these specialised skill sets.
  • And, by taking a little of your time to register, and have no real interest in changing your employment, there’s absolutely no harm done at all in making yourself available and keeping your pulse on what other jobs are currently out there and the job opportunities available.

You Have Nothing to Lose

  • The wonderful thing is that you will always have the opportunity whenever any suitable opportunity comes along.
  • This empowers you and maximises your future opportunities in such a highly competitive world.

With the use of the right company, it’s you who will have all the choices!