Tips From Leading eBay Sellers


Why do some eBay sellers perform better than others? You will notice eBay sellers offering the same or similar item at the same or similar price having substantial difference in sales. Discarding those that are not regular sellers or indulge in ripping people off, there are a few things that the successful eBay sellers do right, or better than others.

To understand what they do better, one has to explore the best practices and the exact modus operandi of the top eBay sellers. Here are some tips that have been sourced directly from the leading eBay sellers.

  • The top eBay sellers have mastered the art of listing. Most people will look at listing as an imperative exercise and will do everything that is told or will be complacent with their approach. The top eBay sellers don’t approach listing as an imperative exercise. They work on it and ensure that their listing is the sheer best in a given category. They have made listing a science of sorts. They opt for extremely good quality photographs, product details without any fluff, accurate depiction of all facts and they make the whole listing free of clutter and thus easier for buyers to find out every detail without getting perplexed.
  • Top eBay sellers understand branding and they use it to their advantage. Branding is the easiest way to beat competition. From having company logos to attractive designs on their pages, from presenting a product in an impeccably professional manner to outdoing its competition with killer copies, top eBay sellers aspire to become brands and not just another reseller.
  • Delivery is of quintessence. Whether a seller has to send a parcel to France or to the Netherlands, top eBay sellers have a network of the finest international courier services at their disposal. They have excellent packaging methods, efficient order processing and dispatch teams. They work closely with the international courier services to ensure timely delivery without any harm caused to the parcel or package.
  • Top eBay sellers know that mobile is the future for internet and they have already jumped onto the bandwagon of mobile optimization. While many resellers are still debating and wondering if mobile optimization is necessary or just a frill, there are sellers drawing big bucks from the platform.
  • It may seem obvious but eBay sellers have an international outreach, something that struggling resellers are not exploring. There are challenges of selling to an international audience but there are rewards as well, and the latter is more than desirable.