Tips on How to Create the Perfect Product Label


When launching a new product into the market, product labels are incredibly important. They can help create the right first impression for your product and also contains all of the information that the consumers would need to know. Below we have listed tips as to how create the perfect product label that will lead to more people buying what you are selling.

Be Clear and Concise

There’s no need to confuse the buyer with lots of text. They don’t want to read a whole script that’s full of unnecessary information. Try stick to what they need to know on the front label such as the product name, any logo or branding, any measurement info and a tagline if you have one as well as a short description of the product. As part of the packaging you will also want to add in any directions of use and ingredients, as well as a short product story. Making your message clear and concise is the best way to grab attention.

Make Sure It’s Easy to Read

It shouldn’t be a strain for the consumer to be able to read the product label. There are several considerations here. You need to of course make sure that the font is big enough for everyone to see. If it has important information, then you should be looking to have font size 10 points up. There should be appropriate font colour contrast to the background too to make sure it easier to read. You also need to be careful in the font that you choose to make sure it’s easy enough to read.

Don’t be Afraid of White Space

Some people are afraid of white space, and feel it needs to be filled up with text and images – but actually, it can be positive. It is a good way to create a separator between information and to create a distinction too. When you use white space, it can create a more calming feel. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include some kind of illustration or decorative element. If you use some vibrant or colourful illustrations that can show off the product personality visually.

Remember the Print Quality

The print quality of the label itself is something that you definitely need to take into consideration when launching a product. You need to ensure that you use a labelling machine of the highest quality to achieve the best quality of print. This will also give your product the visual presence that you are looking for. You can opt for different kinds of finishes to suit what you are selling such as silk gloss, matt and many others to enhance the design.

If you are launching a new product, or looking at reinventing an existing one, make sure you take some of our handy tips into consideration to make it stand out from the crowd. Your product will be whisked off the shelves in no time.

Image: Pixabay