Title of Internship


An internship is the best way to gain professional work experience and increase their knowledge about the world. Once the students get to work with the professionals, it will boost their self-confidence and can increase their chances of getting a good placement in some of the best companies. Various fields in Australia offer internship programmes for the students and the quality of experience the students will get is very good. The length of the internship can be up to anywhere from 1 month to 6 months depending on the type of internship the student chooses. Some of these programmes are paid as well which means that the student will get a salary as they will work as an intern according to PGP Australia.


There are certain criteria which must be fulfilled in order to get an internship in Australia. They are:-

  • The age of the candidate must be between 18-30
  • The kind of internship programme that the student will undergo is directly related to the kind of education the student is studying at his university.
  • The student must be studying in one of the bachelor programmes in order to qualify for the internship programme.
  • If the student is graduated from their respective university, then he has 12 months from the time of submission of VISA to go for an internship programme.
  • English speaking is compulsory for the students as most of the locals speak English. So before entering the country, the students must improve their English speaking skills.
  • VISA is required to enter the country legally. If the student does not have any kind of VISA, then he may get in some legal trouble.

The application process to get an internship:-

  • Complete the registration

The student must fill all the forms that are necessary to get into an internship programme. Once applied and selected, they can easily leave for the country.

  • Application Process

Once the form is applied, the student must submit it to the respective company where he wants to work. Some fee must also be submitted in order to send it to the company. If the student wants to ease the process, then he may get some professional help by hiring the service of the professional companies who indulge in providing internships. The placement offered by them is 100% guaranteed.

  • Payment

After the student selects his internship programme and fills up the form, he sent it to the company where he wants to work. But before getting confirmation about the selection, they may interview the student to verify whether the student has all the necessary knowledge to work in Australia and live there.

  • Applying for a VISA

The student must apply for a VISA as quickly as possible as the process of getting a VISA is very lengthy. There are various types of VISA that a student can get in order to stay in Australia. It can a working VISA, or a travel VISA or a student VISA. The only thing that is important is that the validity of the VISA is enough to stay in the country.