Which Principles Of Leadership Can Be Taught By Mentors


There are some fundamental principles which can be taught to you when you are attending an executive leadership course that takes place in nature.

You are going to be tested to your limits and you will apply all of these facets of leadership. Once you have been evaluated, you are going to be given detailed feedback.

Which principles of leadership can be taught by mentors?


  • As a leader, you are going to have to make judgement calls all the time. This is especially important in a wilderness setting when you are on a course.
  • These judgements are going to make sure that you and other people are kept safe and on the right track.
  • Your judgement is going to be assessed during the Everest Academy business coaching and the results can be studied course has been completed. Then you are going to apply what you have learned about judgement when you are in a business setting.


  • All leaders need to have influence over the people that they are managing. This is going to allow the company to move forward.
  • When you are in a wilderness setting, you will need to influence people to act a certain way.
  • You can use what you have learned about influence when you go back to a business setting once the course has been completed.


  • Leadership requires you to make bold decisions on a daily basis.
  • This is going to be tested to the limit when you are in a wilderness setting. You will need to make difficult decisions in a short amount of time. This requires bravery.
  • You can apply what you have learned about your own courage when you are back in a business setting.


  • Another part of leadership is complete resilience. This is going to allow you to preserve when circumstances are difficult.
  • You will need this resilience when you are in a wilderness or mountain setting. Your resilience will be tested to the limit.
  • You can then take what you have learned about resilience and apply this to a business setting when you are at work.


  • Leaders are not always right and they sometimes make mistakes. It is important to have humility and admit to your mistakes. This is especially important when you are on a mountain in a training exercise. Mistakes need to be shared with the entire group so that they are not going to have an adverse effect. Positive action can be taken after you have admitted to making a mistake.
  • This humility is going to be important you the success of a business when you are back at work.

Earning Entitlement

  • Entitlement has to be earned through your actions. You will earn the entitlement if you perform successfully in a training assignment. You can take this understanding about how to earn entitlement with you to the workplace.

Overall Conclusion

You need to test yourself when you are in a leadership training exercise, especially one that is on a mountain. You will learn about different facets of leadership.