Why should you hire QC Inspection Services?


When we buy any type of product, whether food or other, it is important to know that it meets all the safety or manufacturing guarantees that are expected of it. Still, today most companies are concerned that all products meet quality standards. For this, they usually have offices that deal with quality control of the products they manufacture at the company itself, or by hiring external companies.

QC Inspection Services monitor that products meet quality and safety standards. Among its specific functions is the elaboration of a control plan. They check samples and examine products, record the controls carried out, and prepare reports.

Work activities:

They perform technical supervisions so that everything from raw materials to the finished product complies with quality and safety standards.

All production processes require quality control elements. Quality standards are established by the manufacturing or processing company itself, or by a body governed by public law.

Its specific functions include:

– Check and examine samples of a product regularly. They can perform visual inspections or use technical equipment, such as a microscope.

– Control automated systems that allow thousands of samples to be tested quickly.

– In a factory, inspect production and worker procedures.

– Examine the products purchased by the company and record the performance of the suppliers.

– Ensure compliance with safety standards, especially in the food industry.

– Meet with production staff to understand what is causing the problem and decide if there is any need to change the processes in use.

– Prepare the quality control plan where it is detailed. They take into account the product and the manufacturing process, the size of the samples, the frequency, the tests to be carried out, specifications, and acceptance limits.

– Record the control activities carried out, to evidence the results and be able to prepare quality reports.

This type of inspection services typically has in production departments, quality control and management departments, laboratories for the analysis of products, new product creation departments, and experienced quality control inspectors.

A quality control inspector must be a person:

– With technical training, although it will depend on the sector.

– Observer.

– Patient, as some tests are complex and take a long time to complete.

– With a logical and methodical approach at work.

– It needs to be able to take measurements and record numbers.

– With good arithmetic calculation skills, for example, to measure and weigh samples.

– With computer skills to analyze, store, and present test results on a computer.

– With oral and written communication skills.

– With the capacity for interpersonal relationships.

When it comes to controlling the quality of productions and purchases, companies have two options, hire the services of a quality control company and form their team of quality inspectors.

According to sector studies, at least 50% of the managers of the companies that form their team of quality inspectors are unhappy with their behavior, the applied work methods, or the results obtained. So, they mostly prefer to hire external QC Inspection Services.