Factors You Should Consider Before Choosing a Personal Loan

Personal Loan

A personal loan is very beneficial to help you to take care of a sudden or emergency expense. Whether it is a medical emergency, a child’s education or a wedding, you can decide to apply for a personal loan to bear the expenses.

As compared to other loans, personal loans require less documentation. As a result, the loan approval method is faster. After taking the loan, you have the option to repay it in flexible instalments. The repayment period could be months or years, as per your preference. Here are some factors that you must consider before choosing a personal loan.

Processing Cost

a personal loan comes with a processing fee that you need to pay. therefore, you are supposed to consider how much the processing fee is before taking a personal loan from a lender. if the fee is high, then you can decide to explore other lenders and their loans. hence, you would be able to save some amount of money on this.

loan Amount

The loan amount is another essential aspect that you should also decide on. It is better to apply for the right loan amount. If the loan amount is too high, you would have to pay a lot while making the repayment.

On the other hand, if it is too low, then it won’t serve your purpose. So make the amount just right. Whether you opt for SBI personal loan or another loan, the amount needs to be proper as per your exact need.


The loan repayment tenure is another vital factor that you will have to decide on. The EMI you will have to pay monthly depends on the loan repayment tenure. Therefore, this is essential for you to consider before applying for a personal loan.

The tenure should be just right for obvious reasons. If it is long, you will have to keep paying EMIs for a long time while paying more in the form of interest. On the other hand, if it is low, your monthly EMI will be high, and you will find it hard to pay off.


A personal loan lender needs you to do proper documentation. As compared to other loans, it needs fairly less documentation. But the documentation needs to be proper and valid, or your loan application may get rejected.

Different lenders may have their documentation requirements, but some common documents you must submit are your pay slip, identity proof, address proof etc. Please do some prior research to submit the proper documents as asked by the bank.

No Collateral Is Needed

As personal loans are unsecured, you, as a borrower, are not required to put any of your assets as collateral. This is regarded as a great advantage. But as there is no collateral, the interest rate could often be higher in this regard. Researching it before deciding to take a personal loan would be best.

All these factors are influential for you to consider before you decide to take a personal loan for some reason or other. Talking to someone who already had a personal loan would benefit you.