Reducing Industrial Pollution: Measuring Emissions


In order for industrial companies to comply with environmental standards, a flue gas analyser is used to make sure that the emission limits comply with statutory requirements. The same analyser is used to optimise thermal manufacturing performance as well.

The Purpose of Using a Flue Gas Analyser

A flue gas analyser measures gas pollutants in an exhaust to reduce environmental contaminants. When it comes to compliance testing, this form of measurement enables companies to verify and confirm pollutants so that they can stay within certain guidelines environmentally.

In addition, flue gas analysers can be used by engineers for efficiency testing in plants. The instruments are employed regularly to realise the optimum turning of engines. As a result, downtimes are reduced. The analysers also check the gas limit values for gas turbines.

Plants That Use Emissions Testing Equipment

All types of industrial plants use a professional emission measure in Indonesia. The operation of these plants is dependent on monitoring emission output. Plants that must comply with environmental regulations of this type include the following:

  • Power stations
  • Cement works
  • Glass works
  • Steelworks
  • Chemical plants

Some of the Features

Even small production facilities rely on emission measurements to remain compliant. You can find a number of devices on the market that will meet your emission testing needs. Many are easy-to-use instruments. Not only do they measure emissions but they provide data administration as well. Sensors are used on the analysers to check for various gases. In addition, an extended measuring range is featured for environments with high concentrations of gas. The gas sensors also are pre-calibrated to simplify sensor changes.

Mass flow calculations are obtained by the use of integrated airflow and pressure difference measurements. Instruments used for analysis often are featured in sealed housing for extra impact resistance as well.

Using Analysers at CHP Plants

One of the places where gas flue analysers are regularly used are in combined heat and power (CHP) plants. These plants provide for the generation of electricity. In order for the CHP plant to operate profitably, it must use the correct measuring devices. Not only do analysers monitor emission limit values but they also enable a plant to control system proficiency. In addition, the analysers are used for the testing of exhaust gas treatment system processes.

A CHP system draws in combustible gas and mixes it with air before compressing it and igniting it. In order to optimise the effectiveness of this type of process and reduce exhaust emissions, everything needs to be properly adjusted.

If the wrong measuring instrument is used, any of the following can occur:

  • Misfiring
  • Increased temperatures or wear
  • Higher repair costs
  • Mechanical knocking

By using a flue gas analyser, CHP issues can be avoided. Not only are operations improved but the environment is cleaner too.