The Importance of Maintaining a Clean Workplace and How to Pick a Reputable Cleaning Company

Reputable Cleaning Company

In our ultra-competitive commercial environment, it’s important to note that a neat and tidy workplace can be the difference between reaching new heights and plummeting to all-time lows.

So if you happen to work in the food service industry, hospitality sector, or corporate niche, this brief article will help you understand the significance of cleanliness in today’s day and age.

First Impressions Can Make or Break Your Relationships

As we all know, a company’s outward appearance is integral to its success or failure but it’s actually even more important than you’d think:

  • According to a recent survey, the first thing that prospective patron or job applicant evaluates is the hygiene of the office or workroom in question.
  • It takes less than ten seconds for a client, customer, or tenant to develop an initial impression of a particular building.
  • It can take up to ten successive visits to transform that preliminary perspective, particularly if it happens to be mired by a negative undertone.

So if your main areas are rife with dust, sediment, and unsightly stains, you’ll experience an incremental decline in foot traffic and thus your earning potential.

Unsanitary Environments Can Decimate Your Bottom Line

Believe it or not, illness-based absenteeism is a huge strain on our nation’s economy to the tune of approximately £30 billion in losses on an annual basis and it’s worth your while to understand exactly why:

  • One sick employee can spread his or her infection to more than 15 other staff members in less than four hours, which means that a single individual can contaminate dozens of other workers before lunchtime.
  • The most common workplace implements such as restroom faucets, door handles, keyboards, and vending machine pads feature an ATP count of over 300, which means that they pose a significant risk of illness.
  • Over 85% of today’s corporate employees attest to the fact that an unhygienic, neglected workplace will encourage them to take unnecessary time off and perhaps even look for a new job.
  • Well-maintained buildings, on the other hand, have been empirically proven to reinforce a sense of pride, attentiveness, and productivity throughout the workforce, which can boost any business’s employee retention figures while simultaneously mitigating call-outs due to illness.

To boot, you also have a legal obligation to provide a safe, healthy environment for your staff. Failing to do so will leave your organisation susceptible to reputation-shattering litigation.

How to Pick a Reputable Cleaning Partner

If you’ve decided that it’s finally time to establish a habitual cleaning regimen for your building, it’s in your best interests to create a tight-knit relationship with a trustworthy service provider. So if you’d like to find a distinguished cleaning company in Bristol, for instance, you’ll want to find a firm that can tout the following aspects:

  • Approved by the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)
  • Endorsed by The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc)
  • Highly rated on the Checkatrade platform
  • Wide range of industrial-strength cleaning services to account for commercial kitchens, office buildings, apartment complexes, factories, restaurants, and other contemporary establishments
  • One-off undertakings or pre-scheduled contract cleaning

The most renowned cleaning organisations will be able to facilitate a comprehensive site visit and provide a no-obligation quotation for any type of work you might need; reach out to a local service provider as soon as possible.