Tips for Buying a Smart Gasket


There are a number of different validation tools that are used in different kinds of pharmaceutical systems. Validation gaskets are used to obtain measurements with a very high accuracy in pharmaceutical systems that require a high level of purity. Due to the complicated and niche nature of the pharmaceutical system, it’s important that you purchase the right gasket or validation tool. These tools are mostly used for measuring the sterility of the pharmaceutical system. If you are interested in buying a smart gasket for your pharmaceutical system, here are a few tips that will help you make the right purchase.

Check Online

You can check online for different kinds of gaskets that are available. Most smart gaskets can be fitted in with a tri-clamp fitting, while others can be connected with a Rubber Fab sanitary Smart Clamp. The flanges need to be secured properly before you can use the gasket properly. The clamp provides access for up to four internal ports in order to accept the thermocouple samples as well as additional accessories. You can check online for the different kinds of accessories such as temperature probes that will be connected with the gasket. Other accessories like sampling and injection tubes can also be connected to the smart gasket. Most stores that sell gaskets usually ship them within three to five business days, so you have to keep a lead time of at least five working days if you want to get the gaskets delivered on time.


A smart gasket offers a number of benefits to users, especially when it’s connected to a larger pharmaceutical system. It will allow you to use the gasket temporarily or permanently without having to fit an expensive custom thermowell, or purchase an expensive custom fitting to go along with it. Most importantly, the gasket can be scaled up for use with a number of system sites, and it’s also completely reusable, so you can just take it out for use later on. Most importantly, these gaskets are relatively affordable, costing under 30 GBP for different variants. If you are buying them in bulk, you might even be eligible to get a trade discount on your purchase.

Read the Literature

Before you buy any sort of gasket for your pharmaceutical systems, it is very important that you read the relevant documentation and literature that comes along with it. This will give you a much better idea about whether the gasket is actually suitable for your needs or not. Go through the literature on the gasket to find relevant information about its specifications as well as any other details you would like to know before placing the order.